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The traditional way of growing cannabis plants is considered horizontal, with plants laid out in a garden or grow tent side-by-side. Growing cannabis vertically is another option that is becoming more popular and offers benefits when done correctly. Growing plants vertically utilizes all space between the floor and ceiling and can be a game changer to maximize yield.

There are two methods to growing vertically: stacked and true vertical systems. Stacked vertical systems consist of shelving units piled on top of each other or trellises and strings holding the plants vertically.

A true vertical system is an advancement of the stacked system that utilizes a tall cylinder like a tower that the plants grow out of.

Vertical systems require a central lighting system placed vertically in the middle of the plants. Because the lights are so close to the plants, an LED lighting system is recommended to reduce the possibility of burning.

Learn more about growing cannabis vertically and how to achieve maximum benefit of increased yield, efficiency, and more crop cycles.

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