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Cannabis plants can grow short or tall, depending on their environment, plant training, and strain. When growing indoors, you have more control over how high your plant will get and can achieve almost any size or shape with plant training such as manifolding, or low stress training (LST). Don’t be fooled, short, stout plants can produce an amazing yield with proper plant training. We recommend initiating flowering when plants are 15-18 inches tall.

When growing outdoors, you still have some control but are at the mercy of the elements and amount of sun exposure. Typically, plants will grow taller when growing outdoors and in some cases, the sky is the limit.

The type of cannabis seed strain plays a role in the height of your plant. Indica strains tend to stay shorter while sativa strains tend to grow taller. Knowing what to expect can help you decide which strain of marijuana seeds will work best in your environment, and then you can play around with the method of training your plants that works best for you and your grow space.