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Cannabis emulsions are created with an emulsification process that converts the oil-based cannabinoids into very tiny, billions of water-soluble emulsions. This allows for the emulsions to be suspended in other products without separating. Without emulsification, adding oil to water will not blend and will float on the top, staying separated. Emulsification allows for all cannabinoid droplets to be equally distributed within the surrounding liquid product equally dispersed, much like how adding food coloring to water changes the entire liquid with complete and even blending.

There is increased interest and research on cannabis emulsions, which deliver a different Pharmacokinetics (PK) effect than other cannabis edible products like conventional gummies, which take a while to take effect. Cannabis emulsions, such as a powder drink mix, deliver much quicker effects compared to smoking. There is ongoing advancement in emulsion science with studies on the bioavailability of cannabis emulsions and how the body reacts to emulsions of various cannabinoids like THC, CBD, CBG, and others. Learn more about cannabis emulsification.

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