Growing Cannabis

Cultivating Your Own Cannabis Plants

You’ve been thinking about growing your own cannabis plants, and now finally made the next step and bought seeds!  Congrats!  Now is a perfect time to start learning about cultivation. It is absolutely more fun and rewarding to ‘grow your own’ as compared to purchasing cannabis locally.

Check out legislations favoring the growth of cannabis in Leafy’s state by state guide to medical and recreational cannabis.   Following are reasons explaining why the investment is totally worth it:

  1. Beginning to grow cannabis

Lots of stories oscillate around the difficulty in cultivating these plants. However, from a grower’s point of view, planting cannabis strains that have easy growth circles forms the core part of the entire experience.  We recommend you start with our popular strain Bubble Gum Gelato, which can be purchased at our Seed Bazaar Co-Op or any of our Authorized Cannabis Seed Distributors.

This is one of many newbie- friendly strains recognized worldwide. The yielding is superb and little efforts get incorporated to have the final harvests.

  1. Saving defines the cultivation exercise

Growing weed from seeds to harvesting is relatively inexpensive. Factoring in the conditions necessary for growing, most of them come freely from nature. The grower needs to buy the seeds and decide on whether to plant indoors or in outdoor settings.

The costs incurred after getting the mature cannabis is incomparable to the money that would be otherwise spent on buying readily available cannabis products.  Check out Leafly’s article: How to Grow Marijuana Indoors-A Beginner’s Guide.

  1. Returns on investment

After harvesting the flowers from cannabis plants, one can utilize your goods and use some of the other parts for extracting other derivatives. For instance, the sugar leaves in these plants have cannabinoids that can be used for making leaf cigars as one option.  There are many options on how to consumer your product.  Enjoy the fruit of your labor!

  1. Guaranteed satisfaction

The grower has full control on the plants. That way, they know the strains from where the plants come from, the types of herbicides used, and whether there is a meeting of all the factors necessitating an ultimate growth of cannabis.

That being said, you can only expect the quality of the cannabis to be at par. You also get satisfied that you grew your plants from mere seeds to harvest.

  1. High rewards

It doesn’t matter why or when you grow your plants, just have fun! Most of the cannabis plants give highly resinous buds which mean more grams of yields per plant. The grower can have satisfaction at the end of the day knowing they worked hard to cultivate their own individual plants.  Cheers!

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