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Feminized cannabis seeds are bred specifically to produce only female plants, which is the preferred sex when it comes to marijuana plants and smokable flowers. Only female plants produce the buds growers are looking for, rich in cannabinoids we know as THC and CBD. Mosca seeds offers a wide selection of premium pot seeds online, with feminized autoflower, regular and feminized cannabis seeds cultivated with the finest in cannabis seed genetics.

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    Loco el Bandito Box Set

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    Feminized Cannabis seeds for sale

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    Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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    Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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Why Feminized Seeds?

Before the introduction of feminized cannabis seeds in the 1990s, growers had to identify the sex of their plants as soon as possible. Male cannabis plants produce seed pods, and if they are not removed soon enough they will pollinate the female plants which will ruin the yield. If male and female plants grow in the same area, the buds will produce seeds only, no flower.

Feminized cannabis seeds take the guesswork out of determining the sex of your plant and eliminate the need to remove male cannabis plants from your crop. This saves a lot of time, which in big growing operations is money. Feminized seeds for home growers give the advantage of ensuring you are going to get flower and the buds you desire without worrying about males ruining your crop.

Benefits of Feminized Seeds

Whether growing outdoors or hydro growing indoors, feminized seeds deliver many benefits for growers:

  • Feminized seeds are bred for maximum potency and aroma
  • Save time and money with no need to check the sex of your plants
  • No need to cull male plants from your crop
  • Feminized seeds on the market today produce plants rich in THC

High-quality feminized cannabis seeds produce high-quality marijuana plants, whether growing for recreational or medicinal use. Recreational users will enjoy premium cannabis with the aroma, taste and euphoric or relaxing high they desire. There are many options for different strains and various ratios of cannabinoids. With Indica and Sativa genetics you are sure to find a favorite strain or two, and with guaranteed flowering you can experiment with different feminized strains and have your favorite buds for different occasions.

How to Grow Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Feminized seeds might be a little easier to grow than regular seeds just because you do not have to sort them out and you know they’re going to flower, but you still need to follow the same guidelines of any photoperiod plant. If you are growing hydro indoors, it is necessary to adjust your light and dark schedule to initiate flowering.

Growers will change the light schedule to 12 hours on 12 hours off when their plants reach about half the height of their desired final growth. This reduction in light is what simulates fall like conditions and triggers your cannabis plants to begin flowering.

In the outdoors, photoperiod cannabis plants should be planted in the spring to harvest in the fall when the longer dark period normally triggers flowering.

Flowering time will depend on the strain, with some varieties growing relatively quickly and some other varieties taking longer. Mosca Seeds lets you know the flowering time for all our cannabis seeds, along with estimated yield and dominant strain. Mosca Seeds is known for delivering the highest quality strains with multiple cannabis cups in Amsterdam, Europe and the 4/20 High Times Cup in Sacramento.

Mosca Seeds is recognized internationally as a cannabis breeder with award-winning seed strains and new exciting drops. We offer a wide selection of feminized cannabis seeds with several varieties and detailed descriptions so you know exactly what you are getting. Check out our many varieties of premium pot seeds online and get started with some quality feminized cannabis seeds today.



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