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Advantages of Auto Flowering Cannabis Seeds

Auto flowering cannabis seeds typically grow smaller plants than regular cannabis seeds, although this can be nice for indoor hydroponic growing. Auto flowering cannabis seeds today can provide high-quality plants with potent buds and can offer many advantages over other types of seeds:

Quicker growth cycle – enjoy a full harvest in about 7 to 10 weeks
Shorter, more compact plants – this can be good for indoor growing
Not light dependent –no need to adjust the lighting
More harvests – quicker growth cycle means more harvests
Resilient – these types of seeds are more resilient to pest infestations and disease

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What Does Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds Mean?

What Does Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds Mean?

Autoflowering cannabis seeds produce cannabis plants that switch to the flowering stage automatically, without the need to change the light schedule. This is the biggest difference in autoflowering cannabis seeds versus œphotoperiod cannabis plants, which rely on the...

Auto Flower Seeds Pros and Cons

Auto Flower Seeds Pros and Cons

With the legalization of recreational marijuana becoming a reality in states across the US, finding cannabis seeds for sale has never been easier! But if you're new to growing and are looking to buy cannabis seeds, you may want to consider feminized autoflower seeds...

Auto flowering cannabis seeds are designed to produce cannabis plants that will automatically switch into the flowering stage without needing to reduce the light schedule. When growing with regular cannabis seeds, growers need to reduce the light schedule to switch photoperiod plants (regular/feminized plants dependent on light) into the flowering stage. When growing outdoors, photoperiod cannabis plants will change from the vegetative to the flowering stage when light exposure dwindles, during late summer for an early fall harvest.

Autoflowering seeds will do this automatically, without needing to reduce the lighting, after a short vegetative stage of about two to four weeks. Auto flowers provide a quicker grow cycle and are easier to grow than other types of seeds, making them a good choice for some novice growers.

Since auto flowers produce smaller plants, growers that want larger plants may want to choose regular or feminized seeds that are not auto flowers. Even though auto flowering cannabis plants are smaller, seed strains today provide for a quality plant that will produce relatively potent buds that are not too small. Auto flowering cannabis seeds tend to have a higher CBD content then other seeds which makes them popular among medical users while still offering potent THC properties.

Mosca Seeds offers a wide selection of high-quality cannabis seeds including regular, feminized and auto flowering seeds. We are recognized internationally as an award-winning, leading cannabis seed breeder with quality indica, sativa and hybrid blends. Check out our seed bank for the best in quality auto flowering cannabis seeds.

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