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One of the biggest headaches for cannabis growers are cannabis pests, which can include insects, mites, mold, fungi, and viruses. Identifying the type of pests infecting your marijuana plants is key to getting them under control. Preventing cannabis pests in the first place is ideal.

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Integrated Pest Management Guide

Integrated Pest Management Guide

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So You Think You Have Aphids?

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Identifying Cannabis Pests

The most common insects and mites that infect cannabis plants include:

  • Aphids – small insects typically the size between 1 to 10 mm and can be different colors such as yellow, green, or black. They like to live on the underside of the leaves and the stem. Aphids feed on the sap which causes a yellowing and defoliation of the leaves. Aphids can transmit viruses and they reproduce quickly.
  • Whitefly – a small yellowish-white insect about 2 mm, the whitefly is usually found on the underside of the leaves where they lay eggs and live larvae. They feed on the sap from leaves, weakening the leaves and causing spots. Whitefly can also carry viruses and cause fungi.
  • Red Spider – this is a type of mite that is more common to indoor crops and can have devastating effects causing death of your cannabis plants. Red spiders lodge on the underside of leaves, feed on the sap and can reproduce quickly. They leave yellow points on the leaves and can even leave webs around the buds in serious infestations. Red spiders reproduce quickly and is considered one of the worst types of cannabis pests.
  • Trips – these are a small-winged insects that lodge on the underside of leaves and inside the cannabis buds, feeding on the sap of the plant. They cause white and silver colored spots on leaves and can transmit viruses. Trips are one of the most common types of cannabis pests and mostly affect indoor crops.
  • Ground fly – these insects typically live in the substrate of indoor crops, feeding on root hairs and seriously damaging the root system. They can reproduce quickly in dark and humid environments and facilitate the appearance of fungi.
  • Caterpillars – these pests can infect outdoor crops, laying eggs and larvae on the plants and feeding on leaves and buds causing direct plant damage. They can leave the appearance of rotting and mold.
  • Mites – there are many types of mites including broad mites, russel mites and others. They are so small you typically need a magnifying glass to see them, although your plants will indicate a mite infestation with twisted, blistering, or glossy leaves. Plants will grow poorly and flowering buds can even turn brown.

These are some of the most common types of insect cannabis pests, other types of infestations include bud rot, root rot and mold. This leaves buds that are moldy or dead, and a plant with root rot can wilt and become discolored with roots that turn brown, are slimy and smelly.

Preventing Cannabis Pests

Preventing cannabis pests is most important for cultivators. Acting quickly is especially important to prevent irreversible damage. There are many different types of products to ward off insects, mold, and disease. When using products to fight against cannabis pests, remember to apply to the underside of leaves as many insects like to live there.

Mosca Seeds offers a wide selection of high quality cannabis seeds in varying types and strains. Choose from regular seeds, feminized and auto-flowering with your favorite strain in indica, sativa or hybrid blends. Remember to maintain healthy plants, inspect for damage and that prevention is key to ward off cannabis pests that can ruin your crop.

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