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Defoliation is a specific pruning technique that involves selectively removing leaves from the cannabis plant to improve light penetration and air circulation to the lower parts of the plant. This method can help maximize yields by allowing more light to reach the buds and reducing the risk of mold and pests. Unlike topping and lollipopping, defoliation focuses primarily on leaf removal rather than altering the plant’s structure.

Topping is a technique where the main stem is cut to promote the growth of multiple colas instead of a single main cola. This encourages the plant to become bushier and can increase overall yield by distributing the plant’s energy more evenly among several bud sites.

Lollipopping involves removing the lower branches and leaves of the plant, which typically produce smaller, less potent buds. This method directs the plant’s energy to the upper, more productive parts, resulting in larger, higher-quality buds on the top colas.

Each of these pruning methods serves a different purpose and can be used in combination to optimize plant health and yield.

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