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Growing cannabis at home can be simple and cost-effective. With the right conditions, growing quality marijuana plants isn’t very difficult. Preparation is key, and the more you learn about growing cannabis the more successful your crop will be. Some of the most important considerations include good seed genetics, as bad growing conditions can ruin great seeds, but even the best growing environment cannot turn bad seeds into quality bud.

The flowering type can improve success rates such as starting with an autoflowering seed which is easier for beginners. Genetics is important for many desirable traits that make growing weed easier such as choosing a strain that is mold resistant like a hearty Indica. Some Sativas or hybrids can be a little more temperamental.

Many new growers make the mistake of overfeeding and overwatering. Seedlings or new clones might look a little withered when they first start growing, although they usually just need a little more time and base nutrients to flourish. Excessive heat with indoor lighting can also cause problems.

Mosca offers some basic tips on growing cannabis and a full section dedicated on how to grow cannabis with more in-depth information.