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The sweet smell of marijuana is unmistakable, with a pungent, skunky odor that smells like heaven to many but not something any grower really wants to advertise. Reducing the smell of growing pot is an important consideration that growers should take into account before they actually start growing. It’s the responsible thing to do, to prevent minors from finding your grow room and to help prevent theft of your precious plants.

Here are some tips to reduce the smell of growing cannabis:

  1. Make sure your air filtration system is set up correctly, with negative pressure that will suck the air out of your grow room or tent through an extractor fan. This help keep the smell from leaking out into the whole house
  2. Use carbon filters. This is the most popular method of controlling weed smell when growing. Carbon filters, aka scrubbers, use activated carbon which absorbs and traps odor particles. Attach this to your extraction fan system to eliminate smells before they exit your grow area.
  3. Odor neutralizers and air fresheners can also be used, but do not place air fresheners in your grow area as it can interfere with the natural aroma of the cannabis terpenes that we would like to preserve.
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