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A cannabis Thai stick is known as the first type of cannabis cigar and originated in northern Thailand. U.S. soldiers stationed in Thailand during the Vietnam War became familiar with Thai sticks and brought them back to the U.S., making them wildly popular during the 70s and early 80s. Thai sticks were made completely of plant material and consisted of quality bud (traditionally a Thai landrace strain) that was coated in resin or hash oil, then pressed around a thin bamboo stick, with no open spaces showing, and wrapped in cannabis fan leaves. The stick had to dry and cure, and then the bamboo stick in the middle was removed to smoke it.

Today, the term Thai Stick can refer either to the landrace Thai strain or to the actual cigar made from Thai weed or any good bud. While the hype about Thai sticks has died down, they are still an all-time favorite with a full-flavored buzz like no other.

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