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Instead of regular cannabis seeds, you’ll likely choose autoflower or feminized seeds.

Regular cannabis seeds grow a mix of male and female plants, requiring the grower to be skilled at sex identification to remove males before they fertilize females. Fertilized females will focus energy on developing seeds and will produce a lot of seeds, whereas most people enjoy dense Sinsemilla (seedless) buds.

Autoflower seeds are feminized but not photoperiod, thus they don’t need the light cycle to flower. This is the largest difference between autoflower and feminized seeds. Only female cannabis plants yield buds with the highest cannabinoid concentrations, mostly THC and CBD.

Photoperiod Feminized Seeds Need a Light Cycle Change

The change of sunlight when summer ends and fall arrives with fewer daylight hours induces flowering in feminized seeds. To imitate this seasonal variation, indoor cannabis growers must adapt their light schedule and grow lights.

Your plants receive full light at least 18 hours per day with 6 hours off, or 20 on/4 off, until they are ready to flower. Growers must reduce this light cycle to 12 on/12 off, commonly with a timer, to stimulate flowering. Feminized seeds will not produce bud until daylight is lowered to 12.

Autoflower Cannabis Seeds Flip with Time not Light

Autoflower seeds are feminized but not photoperiod. Light does not cause blooming. Autoflower seeds flower automatically based on time, not light. Inexperienced growers that are unsure about light cycle adjustments will find this easy. New growers can maximize productivity with autoflowers.

Autos can be harvested after 10-11 weeks with 20 hours of daylight, but outdoors it may take longer. They bloom automatically 5-6 weeks after germination without light cycle adjustment. These short, bushy cannabis plants may yield less than standard feminized seeds due to their shorter vegetative stage. When cultivated inside in good conditions, autos can yield well.

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