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Welcome to the Mosca Seeds Commercial & Bulk Seed marketplace.

Mosca Seeds offers bulk cannabis seeds for commercial growers with an extensive menu of the highest in quality cannabis seeds available. Commercial growers need a reliable source of high-quality, high-quantity cannabis seeds to supply your grow operation all year long. Mosca Seeds has a reputation for producing the highest quality cannabis seed strains for more than 15 years with several Cannabis Cup awards in Europe, Amsterdam and California.

Buy Bulk Cannabis & Hemp Seeds

When you want to buy bulk cannabis or hemp seeds, Mosca Seeds has the same high-quality cannabis seeds you are used to for commercial use. We have earned the respect of cannabis enthusiasts worldwide with excellent grower reviews. Mosca has built a solid reputation as a leading supplier of high-quality cannabis seeds developed from the finest in breeding practices and cannabis seed genetics.

You can find many of your favorite strains available for wholesale purchase with the same potency, flavor, and effect. If you are looking for the best deal on bulk cannabis seeds, Mosca Seeds has what you need with select bulk feminized seeds and all feminized autoflowering seeds. We are passionate about sharing our love of cannabis by providing the highest in quality cannabis seeds available in bulk for your cultivation farm.

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Commercial cannabis growers

Bulk Feminized Cannabis Seeds

When you are looking for bulk feminized cannabis seeds, Mosca has you covered with a wide selection of feminized seeds perfect for commercial growers. Feminized seeds are just that, seeds that produce only the much-desired female plant which eliminates the need to sex your plants and cull out the males. This saves a lot of time especially when growing commercially in large quantities.

Mosca Seeds is your one stop for bulk feminized marijuana seeds with the same high quality and potency you are accustomed to.

epic lemon cannabis seeds

Epic LemonS

Lemon Zest at its Best! This fine lady is sure to be a favorite in your garden.

Growing Cannabis Seeds


Candy oranges, jolly ranchers, citrus peel, berries, fruit, floral lavender, gas.

Growing Cannabis Seeds


You will want to show this fine lady off to all your canna-friends.

Feminized Seeds available for Commercial Growers

Bulk Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

Many commercial growers are looking for bulk feminized autoflowering cannabis seeds and Mosca Seeds has exactly what you need. Autoflowering cannabis seeds for commercial growers switch to the flowering stage automatically, without the need to alter the lighting schedule. This makes for a simpler process when you cannot rely on the change in seasons or do not want to alter the lighting schedule.

Feminized seeds are just that, seeds that produce only the much-desired female plant which eliminates the need to sex your plants and cull out the males.

Mosca’s feminized autoflowering seeds are available for bulk purchase in a wide selection of high-quality cannabis seeds.

Frosted Guava cannabis seeds

Frosted Guava

Extremely frosty with hints of guava, melon, and citrus with gas on several of the phenotypes.

Pina Colada autoflower cannabis seeds

Pina Colada

Heaviest yielding auto with heavy trichome coverage; coconut, pineapple & melon.

Frosted Watermelon autoflower cannabis seeds

Frosted Watermelon

3 foot tall with hints of gas, melon, kiwi and pine.

Buy Wholesale Bulk Cannabis Seeds from Mosca

Wholesale seeds for cannabis farms

Mosca Seeds makes it easy to buy bulk cannabis seeds with the same therapeutic benefits you are used to from our regular cannabis seeds. Whether you are looking for feminized, feminized autoflowers, or regular photoperiod seeds, Mosca offers only high-quality cannabis seeds for bulk commercial growers. We work with you to get you exactly what you want and need for your commercial crops and to please your customers.

At Mosca Seeds, we understand the hard work that goes into building your commercial grow business and we are here to support you. Learn the benefits of partnering with Mosca Seeds for your wholesale cannabis seed needs such as high-quality seeds when you need them at a fair price.

The team at Mosca Seeds is here to answer all your questions for bulk purchases of our quality cannabis seeds.

Email for more information, a genetic seed consultation and to fulfill your order of bulk cannabis seeds for commercial growers.

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