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You can absolutely recycle the water used in your hydroponic system and is one of the greatest advantages of growing hydroponically. You ultimately use a lot less water than watering soil, and that can save you a considerable amount of money on your water bill.

You do have to be sure that your water is clean and contains the right amount of nutrients. It is important to know how to clean and disinfect your water correctly to either reuse it or dispose of it. You will have to eventually dispose of your water and replace it to prevent a buildup of bacteria, algae, and minerals that can damage your plants and your system.

Disposing of Hydro Water

If you have other potted plants, you can use your leftover Hydro water to water your potted plants that can absorb leftover minerals. If you dispose of it, make sure you dilute it with clean tap water to avoid contaminating natural ecosystems.

How to Clean and Reuse Hydroponic Water

To reuse your hydroponic water there are a few methods you can use to clean and disinfect your water.

  • Pasteurization – this is a method that quickly boils water between two heat exchangers to break down minerals and remove algae and bacteria to sterilize the water.
  • Ozone sterilization – ozonation is another effective method to sterilize water and effectively kills algae and bacteria and breaks down materials. It can be costly for small operations and require specialists to install.
  • ¬∑UV disinfection – UV disinfection lamps are another effective method to disinfect water and kill algae and bacteria. They do not, however, break down minerals in the water like the previous two methods.

Learn more about these three methods of cleaning your hydro water to reuse and recycle it to keep your plants healthy.

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