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Cannabis has been around for centuries, although clear answers on fact vs. fiction can be elusive. This may be due to the illegal status of cannabis on the federal level in the U.S., even though several states have legalized marijuana use. Research on cannabis use continues to evolve, however, with many myths being debunked by evidence.

Some of these myths include the thinking that marijuana is a gateway drug; this myth has been proven wrong time and time again.

Other myths, such as smoking marijuana makes you stupid or lazy, have also been proven false, as there is no link between cannabis use and IQ.

Proponents of marijuana use might also try to say that marijuana use is completely harmless; this is also a myth, as rings true for all types of drugs like alcohol and prescription medications. Alcohol is not harmful when used appropriately, and medications obviously provide significant benefits when used correctly, but they can be harmful when used incorrectly. The same is true for cannabis; when used correctly, marijuana can provide astounding benefits.

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