There are many reasons that we love to grow marijuana plants indoors, whether you’re growing a few plants for recreational use or a dozen as a medicinal patient or caregiver. The cannabis plant is a wondrous beauty that provides many beneficial and therapeutic effects, along with a recognizable pungent odor. That sweet sticky smell might be the most appealing aroma to some, although the smell of growing cannabis plants indoors can be overwhelming. There are many reasons why growers want to reduce the smell when growing cannabis, and there are quite a few options to help make your grow room as discreet as possible.

Benefits of Curtailing That Cannabis Smell When Growing

We might be very proud of our grow room, although we don’t want to advertise it to our neighbors or other visitors. For one thing, this makes you a target for thieves, and you want to make sure that your grow room is secure and has the right ventilation and odor control. Your grow room should always be inaccessible to unwanted visitors and anyone under the age of 21. Reducing the smell when growing cannabis is an important part of setting up a responsible grow tent or room. This is why you should make a plan for controlling the smell before you actually set up your grow space indoors.

Plan Your Odor Control Before Growing

To effectively hide the smell of growing weed indoors, make a plan before you actually start growing. Make sure that your air filtration system is set up correctly to not allow any airflow in or out where it is not supposed to and that your extractor and air intake system are creating negative pressure. This will suck the air out of your grow tent or room through the extractor fan rather than leaking out anywhere else. Failure to create negative pressure may lead to the smell escaping into the surrounding areas.

If the walls of your grow tent seem to be expanding, your intake fan could be too strong and the extractor fan may not be strong enough to remove all of the air coming into the tent. This can be harder to recognize in a room as opposed to a tent, although smelling cannabis outside your grow space will let you know to improve your air filtration system.

There are several methods to choose from, and combining two or more of the following methods can be most effective to minimize the smell of growing weed indoors.

Scrub the Cannabis Smell with Carbon Filters

Carbon filters, also known as carbon scrubbers, are the most popular choice for controlling marijuana grow room odors. Activated carbon filters work by absorbing and trapping the odor particles in the air as it passes through the filter. These filters can filter up to 90% of all odors, and they are usually attached to the extraction fan system. One crucial consideration when choosing a carbon filter is to ensure that you get a high-quality device that suits your extractor fan’s capacity. Carbon filters can have different lifespans and filter power, so it’s essential to choose one that can filter the amount of air in your grow tent or room.

A good carbon filtration system will neutralize the air coming through the exhaust to make sure the smell of cannabis doesn’t accidentally leak through open windows into your neighborhood. Activated carbon chemically absorbs the odors and other impurities as air is pushed through the carbon filter. As the warm air is pulled out of your grow space, the carbon scrubber removes odors on the way out. Carbon scrubbers are highly effective, they can last a long time and are easy to maintain once installed.

Odor Neutralizers and Air Fresheners

Odor neutralizers are designed to bind with and neutralize unpleasant smells and often have a strong fragrance of their own to cover up smells. They are made with various chemicals or plant extract products and are capable of trapping, altering, or eliminating odor particles. There are odor-neutralizing gels or electric diffusers that are capable of covering a large area effectively. It is recommended to use these products directly outside your grow space rather than in your grow room, as introducing a new odor can affect the aroma of cannabis plants. Some people put an odor-neutralizing gel right on the other side of the exhaust with a carbon filter as an extra step to help remove odor from the air leaving your grow space.

Air fresheners are also a good extra measure to use outside your grow space, although most are not strong enough to control the smell of growing cannabis.

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