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If you’re setting up an indoor grow tent or grow room, having a good ventilation system with carbon filters is a must. If you don’t want the whole neighborhood to know you’re growing weed, and even if it’s legal, you don’t want to advertise your hobby or business in order to protect your crop.

Carbon filters use activated carbon and a process called adsorption, which cause molecules suspended in the air to adhere to the surface of the activated carbon, also known as activated charcoal. This removes the odor-causing molecules and odor from the air, which is why carbon filters are used in many applications, such as air and water purification and chemical purification.

Definitely make sure you have a good ventilation system, one that creates negative pressure to move the air out of your grow room and through a carbon filter. Learn more about how to set up Carbon filters in your grow room, and always use high-quality cannabis seeds to produce premium plants.

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