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Cannabis Seeds in Iowa

It is legal to buy cannabis seeds in Iowa, but growing in the Hawkeye state isn’t exactly allowed yet. Iowa has some of the strictest laws yet regarding marijuana although according to an article in the Des Moines Register, more than half of all Iowans favor the legalization of recreational marijuana and more than three-fourths want medical marijuana expansion.

You cannot buy cannabis seeds in Iowa from a dispensary, but Mosca Seeds delivers to all 50 states including the Midwest. Iowa’s midwestern neighbors on three borders have already legalized marijuana for both medicinal and recreational use, including Illinois, Minnesota, and Missouri. The consensus would vote for legalized marijuana in Iowa, but Iowa lacks a citizen initiative process. The only way to change laws in Iowa is through legislature, and the Republican majority has repeatedly refused legalization and decriminalization bills to hit the floor.

A proposal for marijuana reform in Iowa was presented by three senators during the 2022 legislative session and the Senate Judiciary Chair wouldn’t even give the proposal a committee vote. Iowans should reach out to the candidates in their district and learn where they stand on marijuana decriminalization, legalization, and expansion of medical cannabis to elect a new legislature that listens to voters.

Many are hopeful to see a recreational bill on the horizon in Iowa, but for the time being Iowa continues to arrest individuals for possessing small amounts of cannabis. Possession of just a joint on a first offense can land someone in jail for up to six months with a $1,000 fine. According to the ACLU, the black population in Iowa is hit the hardest and are up to eight times more likely to be arrested for possession over white residents.

Medical Marijuana in Iowa

The Medical Cannabidiol Act in Iowa was signed into law in 2014 allowing only possession of CBD oil with a recommendation from a neurologist for the treatment of epilepsy in children. Critics noted that the law contained no provision for legally obtaining CBD oil and it remained illegal to produce or transport across state lines, leaving significant barriers for parents to get the oil. The law was expanded in 2017 to include several other medical conditions such as cancer, chronic pain, Parkinson’s and Crohn’s disease, HIV/AIDS, multiple sclerosis, and others. Further expansion of Iowa’s Medical Cannabidiol Program occurred in 2020 to add more conditions and to alter the maximum amount of THC allowed for patients. Prior to this, THC levels in CBD oil had to be less than 3%. New laws replaced the 3% limit with a maximum of 4.5 g (about .15 of an oz) per patient allowed in a 90-day period.

Summary of Cannabis Laws in Iowa

Here’s a quick summary of what is legal regarding cannabis in Iowa:

CBD products and oils are legal for anyone to purchase when made from both cannabis plants and industrial hemp.
Residents can order CBD products online although any products shipped cannot contain THC derived from cannabis plants.
Only medical cannabis patients with an ID card can purchase products with THC derived from cannabis plants.

It is not legal for anyone to purchase or consume cannabis flower for inhalation. Smoking cannabis is not allowed, the only legal forms of manufacture of medical cannabidiol is in the following forms:

Topical forms: ointment, gel, patch
Inhaled forms limited to: vaporizable, nebulizable

Medical cannabinoid oil in any form that can be smoked is not allowed. Edible forms are not allowed.

Feminized and Autoflower Cannabis Seeds in Iowa

Mosca Seeds is recognized for producing only the highest quality marijuana seeds from a variety of Indica and skunk strains worldwide. Mosca is recognized internationally for offering the finest cannabis genetics with several award-winning strains. We preserve and protect favorite and stable strains that all growers enjoy and offer new drops developed with exciting cannabis genetic processes.

Mosca Seeds offers more than 15 years of experience in developing high-quality cannabis seeds for professional and novice growers alike. We offer shipping of cannabis seeds to all 50 states, including Iowa, and detailed information on growing cannabis on our website. Check out the Seed Bazaar now for the finest weed seeds in Iowa.

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