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Cannabis Seeds in Utah

You can get cannabis seeds in Utah, also known as the Beehive State, where some of the most spectacular natural sights on earth exist. Utah comes from the Ute Native American tribe, meaning people of the mountains, and is the only state where every single county includes part of a National forest. Utah is 3rd in line for having the most national parks, following Alaska and California.

Cannabis Seeds in Utah

Cannabis cultivated in Utah requires a reliable irrigation system as Utah is the second driest state in America, following only Nevada, with about 300 sunny days out of the year. Cannabis cultivation is only allowed by licensed Medical Cannabis Cultivators selected by the Utah Department of Agriculture and Food and the Utah Division of Purchasing.

There are currently eight grow operations in the state licensed to grow medicinal cannabis, with no plans to establish more. The medical cannabis market in Utah has seen rapid growth, however, with a jump from about 11,000 medical cannabis patients to over 60,000 in the last few years.

It is not legal for medical cannabis patients to grow their own at home; they must purchase medical cannabis in an allowed form and within the legally established limits. Recreational cannabis is still illegal in the state of Utah.

Medical Cannabis in Utah

The Utah Medical Cannabis Act was passed in November of 2018 and set the provisions for medical dispensaries to open by January 2021. Several changes have been made to Utah’s medical marijuana program since then. You can view answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Utah’s Medical Cannabis Program, separated by facts prior to and after 2021.

Learn more from Utah’s Center for Medical Cannabis, which has several resources and information for patients. Four types of medical cannabis cards are available in Utah:

Patient cards
Provisional patient cards
Guardian cards
Caregiver cards

Medical Cannabis Laws in Utah

Medical marijuana patients in Utah are allowed to possess the lesser of: a one-month supply, as determined by their physician, up to 4 ounces (113 grams) of cannabis flower or 20 g of total composite. Medical cannabis must be dispensed in approved forms such as: flower (buds), capsules, tablets, concentrated oil, topicals, liquid suspension, transdermal patches, lozenges, and sublingual preparations.

Patients are not allowed to smoke cannabis with a flame, although vaping cannabis flower is legal. Patients are not allowed to grow their own cannabis.

Medical Cannabis Reciprocity in Utah

Medical marijuana patients visiting Utah from other states can enjoy medical reciprocity as long as their qualifying condition is listed under Utah’s approved conditions. Utah’s mmj reciprocity applies to Utah’s legal medicinal dosage amount and form. Learn more about medical marijuana reciprocity and which states honor it.

A reciprocal mmj card in Utah will be good for 45 days. If a patient is in Utah for more than 45 days, they must receive a recommendation for a medical card from a qualified medical provider in Utah and apply for a Utah medical cannabis patient card.

Quality Cannabis Seeds in Utah

You can get the best quality cannabis seeds in Utah from Mosca Seeds, offering a wide selection of quality strains and seed types. Choose from regulars, autoflowers, and feminized seeds developed with more than 15 years of experience in quality cannabis genetics.

Mosca Seeds is recognized worldwide for offering some of the best cannabis seeds on the market, with several international and domestic cannabis cup awards. We keep your favorite strains alive and offer exciting new drops, all developed with tight control and adherence to the best cannabis genetic practices. Check out the Seed Bazaar now for the best cannabis seeds in Utah.

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