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Cannabis Seeds in Vermont

Vermont is known for small-town charm, natural beauty, and maple syrup, and if you’re looking for cannabis seeds in Vermont, you won’t be disappointed in the Green Mountain State. Vermont is home to thousands of acres of mountain terrain, black bears and moose, and 420 friendly laws that allow home growing and now legal sales to adults over 21. Whether you live in or near the state capital of Montpelier (the smallest state capital in the U.S.) or the largest Vermont city of Burlington, you can get marijuana seeds in Vermont from Mosca Seeds and legally grow your own green Ganga.

The name Vermont is derived from the French word for green, Ver, and mont for mountain. Vermont is a green state that has had progressive cannabis laws for a while, although just began adult sales for recreational marijuana in October of 2022. Vermonters have been able to cultivate their own pot plants since 2018, although there was no system in place for legal sales. All that practice of growing your own weed in Vermont called for quality marijuana seeds and allowed the locals to perfect their growing expertise.

Medical Marijuana in Vermont

There has been medical marijuana in Vermont since 2004, and was expanded in 2007. The state of Vermont’s Cannabis Control Board (CCB) oversees Vermont’s medical marijuana program and offers information to patients and caregivers. Medical cannabis patients can grow their own medicinal garden with high-quality cannabis seeds in Vermont and are allowed to grow up to nine plants with only two mature at a time.
Marijuana was decriminalized in Vermont in 2013 when Gov. Shumlin signed HB200, which decriminalized cannabis possession of 1 ounce or less, making it a civil infraction instead.


Recreational Marijuana in Vermont

Residents of Vermont have been allowed to grow cannabis plants, consume, and share cannabis in Vermont since 2018, although there was no public access or distribution system like dispensaries available. Residents simply found the best weed seeds in Vermont from top seed banks like Mosca and grew their own cannabis for medicinal or recreational purposes. This is great if you have a green thumb or a good friend that likes to share (sharing is caring), although, for those that didn’t grow their own or know someone, they had to try to find someone that did.

On October 1, 2022, Vermont became the 11th state to allow legal cannabis sales to adults age 21 and older. Regulating cannabis sales brings tax revenue to the state and provides additional safety assurances to consumers as cannabis products must be tested for quality and safety. Adults 21 and older are allowed to possess up to 1 ounce of cannabis and can grow up to nine plants, with two being mature.

Social Justice for Small Growers in Vermont

There are six types of cannabis licenses available in Vermont which include a license for cultivation, manufacturing, retail sales, wholesalers, testing labs, and integrated licenses. The manufacturing and cultivating licenses are broken down into tiers with varying levels of cost. Kudos to Vermont for ensuring the small, experienced Vermont grower has a chance to participate in the cannabis industry.

The Vermont CCB prioritized granting licenses to the smallest Tier One cultivators, which are growers with less than 125 total plants or 1000 ft.². There are already more than 100 licensed mixed-use and outdoor growers. This gives consumers a much wider variety of different strains and options for Vermont dispensaries to feature instead of seeing shelves stocked with a few different strains and in-house brands.

Whether you are a home grower, a small cultivator, or a large commercial cannabis company operating in Vermont, one thing is certain; you need the finest cannabis seeds in Vermont to meet the demand from experienced consumers.

Mosca Seeds offers the best in cannabis genetics with more than 15 years of experience and many cannabis cup wins. We feature the finest weed seeds online and ship to all 50 states with high-quality pot seeds and quick delivery. Check out our wide selection of seed types and strains and start your grow with the best available marijuana seeds in Vermont.

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