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Cannabis Seeds in Montana

When you think about Montana, images of mountaintops, the expansive wilderness and wildlife come to mind. Now that recreational cannabis is legal, you might also be thinking about cannabis seeds in Montana. Mosca Seeds offers cannabis seeds in all 50 states, including Montana.

You can get cannabis seeds and enjoy medical and recreational marijuana in Montana while taking in the many natural wonders. Montana comes from the Spanish word montaña, which means mountainous, due to the more than 300 peaks that are more than 9,600 feet in height. In the early 1800s, gold and silver deposits were mined from the mountains of Montana, giving it the nickname the Treasure State.

Glacier National Park is home to some of the greatest natural beauties in the state, which passes through to bordering Canada. The wilderness preserve features expansive snow-capped mountain peaks, alpine hiking trails, and beautiful lakes, all featured along the famed Going-to-the-Sun 50-mile road.

Cannabis Laws in Montana

Marijuana is taxed in Montana at a rate of 4% for medical marijuana retail sales and 20% for adult-use recreational cannabis. No more than 3% can be added by local jurisdictions. You can find answers to many frequently asked questions about cannabis in Montana from Montana’s Cannabis Control Division.

Medical Marijuana in Montana

Medical marijuana was first legalized in Montana in 2004, although was quite restrictive, limiting practitioners to service no more than three patients. In 2011, state lawmakers enacted even more restrictions on the medical cannabis program, which blocked access to many patients. Bill I-182 was passed in 2016 that revised the 2004 law allowing providers to care for more than three patients, and upended the restrictions placed in 2011.

Medical marijuana patients can purchase marijuana at a limit of 1 ounce daily and up to 5 ounces per month. Find additional resources for cannabis in Montana with links to several sources, including the transactional portal to apply for a medical marijuana card in Montana.

Adult Use Recreational Cannabis in Montana

Adult use marijuana, and possession has been legalized in Montana since January 1 of 2021, allowing adults to possess and use up to 1 ounce of marijuana without facing criminal penalties. Consumption of marijuana is still prohibited in certain locations and public places.
Adult use consumers are allowed to purchase and possess up to 1 ounce of cannabis flower or equivalents:

8 g or 8 mL of THC in cannabis concentrate

800 mg of THC-infused edibles or products

Personal use possession of between one and two ounces is a civil infraction for the first and second offenses, with fines imposed. Possession of more than 2 ounces could yield a felony charge.

According to the Marijuana Policy Project, MPP, legislators in Montana attempted to dismantle adult-use cannabis legalization and restrict medical marijuana. The Bill proposed in early 2023 would have imposed draconian restrictions on Montana’s medical cannabis program and would have repealed the will of the voters by prohibiting adult-use cannabis. The bill was defeated with a vote of 6-4, squashing the effort.

Also in 2023, other measures were taken ‘clean up’ the marijuana laws after legislators had a chance to review how the program was working after a full year of adult-use sales. This actually extended Montana’s moratorium on obtaining marijuana licenses, which has so far allowed only current providers that are licensed for medical marijuana to also participate in recreational marijuana. This is set to expire in July 2025.
Additional rules were clarified for tribes in Montana to participate in the cannabis program, with eight of the state’s tribal nations guaranteed a marijuana license. These licenses, however, restricted tribal nations to a very small cultivation space that was just recently expanded.

Growing Marijuana in Montana

Adults can now grow up to two mature marijuana plants and two seedlings in a private residence for private use, subject to restrictions. Medical marijuana patients are allowed to cultivate up to four mature plants and four seedlings. Whether growing for medicinal or recreational purposes, all plants must not be visible to the public.

When growing weed in Montana, be sure to start with quality cannabis seeds from one of the largest weed seed banks online. Mosca Seeds is recognized worldwide as a high-quality cannabis seed bank offering only the best marijuana seeds available in all types and strains. Enjoy regular, feminized, and autoflower seeds in Montana from Mosca Seeds and see why Mosca is recognized as a master seed breeder with multiple cannabis cup wins.

Mosca Seeds offers high-quality cannabis seeds to all 50 states, with a wide selection of high-quality, potent marijuana seeds online. Quality plants start with quality seeds, every time. Check out the Seed Bank now and get the best marijuana seeds in Montana.

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