Now that you have your cannabis seeds, you’ll want to know the best way to germinate them.  We’re going to show you our 3 favorite methods (for regular and feminized seeds).  This is an important step for your ‘babies’ to grow efficiently and effectively!

  1. Soak in Water Method

Take 8 oz cup of distilled (or reverse osmosis) water and drop the seeds into the cup. It’s best to have the water at room temperature. You should check the seeds every 8 hours and swirl the water to encourage the seeds to float to the bottom of the cup.

Within 24 to 48 hours, you will see the seed tails coming out of the seed casing or outer shell.   At this point, you should carefully remove the seeds from the cup and place them into the medium you will plant into, whether this is coco, organic soil, or rockwool.  You should water the soil around the seedling with distilled water for the first couple weeks.Seeds+Papertwle_Final

  1. Paper Towel Method

Using a single piece of paper towel like Bounty paper towels and wet it with distilled or Reverse Osmosis water.  Then fold the paper towel two times, and take your seeds and place them in the wet towel.  We recommend you put the wet towel between two plates (top plate being upside down) or in a ziplock bag.

One advantage when using a ziplock sandwich bag is you are able to use gravity to your advantage by taping the ziplock bag to the inside of a kitchen cabinet.  This will allow the seedling taproot to grow down.  This will make it easier when handling your delicate seedling in transplanting into your medium of choice.

  1. Planting Seeds Directly in Soil

We recommend filling your flower pot or seedling trays with your medium of choice and tamp the soil down.  Then take your seeds and insert them into the pot or seedling cell one at a time and plant at a depth of twice the seedling width of 1/8th to 1/2 inch.

Water with purified or distilled water for the first few weeks and then gradually transition to a mild nutrient solution like Clonex nutrient solution.  And you are off to growing a fine plant!

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