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Get high-quality cannabis seeds in Delaware, the “First State,” from Mosca Seeds for award-winning weed seeds online. Delaware became an independent state from Pennsylvania after being connected since 1682 and declared independence from Great Britain in June of 1776. Delaware was the first state to ratify the U.S. Constitution and is the 2nd smallest state in the U.S., with the widest point of the state only 35 miles across and just under 100 miles long.

Cannabis Seeds in Delaware

You can get quality marijuana seeds in Delaware, the land of “Liberty and Independence,” coined the state motto in 1847 and added to the Great Seal of the State of Delaware. Thomas Jefferson once referred to Delaware as a “jewel,” giving another nickname of the “Diamond State.” Delaware truly is a gem, sitting on a peninsula with a coastline bordering the Atlantic Ocean, Delaware Bay, and Delaware River.

Delaware would truly be a gem, perhaps an emerald if the state would go green with legalizing adult-use marijuana. Until then, this little east coast jewel offers a medical marijuana program and decriminalization. Get the best weed seeds online from Mosca Seeds for a wide selection of pot seeds that are sure to please with

Cannabis Laws in Delaware

Delaware decriminalized cannabis in 2015, making adult possession of up to one ounce of marijuana a civil violation with no possibility of jail and a $100 maximum fine. This changed the previous law, which was up to 3 months in jail and a fine of $575.
Additional laws were passed in 2018, 2019, and 2021 for the expungement of cannabis convictions. With the passing of SB111 and SB112, all previous misdemeanor convictions for cannabis possession are eligible for expungement, and drug felonies may be eligible for expungement after 10 years.

Medical Marijuana in Delaware

Delaware has legalized medical marijuana since July 2011, and since then, many favorable revisions have been made. Delaware’s Medical Marijuana Program allows for the possession of up to 6 ounces of cannabis, although it does not allow for patients to grow their own medicine. Six not-for-profit Compassion Centers operate in the state with tightly regulated distribution.

Delaware’s Compassion Centers also cultivate all of the medical marijuana for the state’s program. Qualified mmj patients in Delaware have been able to have medical cannabis delivered due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which was in response to the emergency declaration, although home deliveries will be permanently allowed.

No Adult Use Medical Marijuana in Delaware

Recreational, adult cannabis use is not yet legal in the state of Delaware as Gov. John Carney (D) became the first Democratic governor to veto legislation for legalizing cannabis when he vetoed HB371 in May of 2022. House Bill 371 would’ve legalized possession of up to 1 ounce of cannabis for adults 21 and over in Delaware. In June of 2022, the House of Representatives voted against overriding the governor’s veto, Gov. Carney is in office until 2025.

Marijuana Seeds in Delaware

When looking for high-quality marijuana seeds in Delaware, Mosca Seeds offers a wide variety of award-winning strains with premium, potent effects and terpene profile. Choose from a wide selection of cannabis seeds, whether looking for regular seeds, feminized, or autoflowering at Mosca Seeds. We offer tips for growing cannabis in Delaware or any state and information on how to germinate seeds for success.

Mosca Seeds is recognized for high-quality cannabis seeds with many award-winning strains, and several cannabis cup wins. The key to quality marijuana plants is to start with quality seeds and make sure your plants have the right environment and nutrition to thrive. Check out Mosca, with over 15 years of experience for the best cannabis seeds in Delaware.