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Mount Prospect, IL Cannabis Seeds

Mount Prospect, Illinois is about 20 miles northwest of downtown Chicago near O’Hare international Airport in Cook County.  Mount Prospect offers a local mall area with plenty of shopping, activities like free summer concerts and lots of food options with local and national chain restaurants. The Mount Prospect motto, “Where friendliness is a way of life”, is seen in all industries including the cannabis industry. 

With a population of roughly 55,000 people, Mt. Prospect recently voted to approve recreational cannabis sales in addition to medical marijuana sales at dispensaries in the area. 


Is Pot Legal in Mount Prospect, IL?

Recreational marijuana was made legal in the state of Illinois with the Illinois Cannabis Regulation & Tax Act, effective January 1, 2020. Adult use recreational cannabis does not alter the state’s medical marijuana program, although now any adult 21 years of age or older can purchase marijuana and use privately without the need of a medical card. Several cities and townships dictate how many, if any at all, recreational dispensaries are allowed within their city limits.

While Mount Prospect, Illinois has had medical marijuana dispensaries, the door is now open for recreational sales with the passing of the most recent referendum on the November 3, 2020 ballot.  Mount Prospect, IL residents can have up to 30 grams of flower (about an ounce) on their person, 5 grams of cannabis concentrate or 500 mg of a THC-infused product.  Medical marijuana patients can possess up to 2.5 ounces per 14-day period, if grown for medicinal purposes and secured in their home. 


Can I Grow My Own Bud in Mt. Prospect?

Residents of Mount Prospect and the state of Illinois can grow their own bud for medicinal purposes when registered as a medical marijuana patient.  There are several conditions which quality a person to use marijuana for medicine, you can find the full list at the Illinois Department of Public Health.  Growing your own medical garden is a lot easier than you may think and gives you a chance to try different cannabis seed strains to see what works the best for you. 


Where to Find Cannabis Seeds in Mt. Prospect, IL

Mosca Seeds offers a wide selection of high quality cannabis seed strains to satisfy any cannabis enthusiast.  Like many lovers of marijuana, growing your own is a great solution to  shortages, complete outages or high prices.  Medical marijuana patients can expect to pay less than the recreational connoisseur at licensed dispensaries, although you can pay even less by growing your own and having a constant supply of your favorite cannabis seed strain. 

The secret to growing great marijuana plants starts with great marijuana seeds.  There are many practical reasons to support growing your own at home, as well as some lifestyle considerations you should take into account.  With the right seeds and guidance, it’s easy to grow your own bud although you will need to have the space for your in-home garden and nurture your plants with patience and the right equipment. 

Northern Illinois is not the ideal climate to grow marijuana outdoors, at least not year round.  For a steady supply of your Sensimilla, check out our hydroponic partners in the Chicagoland area who can hook you up with everything you need for an awesome Ganja garden. 

Mosca Seeds is recognized for quality cannabis seed genetics and for protecting and preserving popular, wonderful strains.  We produce only high quality cannabis seeds from Skunk and Indica strains, originating from the finest cannabis genetics.  Contact us to learn more and check out our authorized seed banks to find the best cannabis seeds in Mount Prospect, IL.



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