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ELGIN, IL Cannabis Seeds

You can get high-quality cannabis seeds in Elgin, IL from master breeder, Mosca Seeds.  We deliver premium pot seeds derived from the finest seed genetics to Illinois and all 50 states.  Elgin is a suburb of Chicago, about 38 miles northwest of Chicago’s downtown, with a population of more than 112,000 people. Elgin was established in 1836, nestled along the banks of the Fox River and was once a strong agricultural river town. Elgin, IL has evolved from agriculture to a manufacturing hub and is one of the fastest growing cities in Illinois.

The town was once known as the “butter capital of the world” for providing dairy goods and butter, although the Elgin Watch Company quickly gained fame as the largest manufacturer of fine watches in the U.S.  You can find plenty to do in Elgin, IL, from many parks and recreational activities to shopping, dining, arts and culture.  Before you hit your favorite hot spots, you might want to hit up some good cannabis to make your outing even more relaxing and enjoyable. 

Is Marijuana Legal in Elgin, IL?

Marijuana became legal for recreational use in the State of Illinois with legislation passed in 2019, taking effect January 1st,  2020.  Local governments had the choice to either “opt-in” to allow recreational pot businesses in their city limits or to “opt-out” and not allow cannabis business activity.  The legalization of recreational marijuana in no way affects the current state’s Medical Cannabis Patient Program which took effect since 2014.  Cities and towns had no choice in allowing medical cannabis dispensaries within their town, although they can vote on allowing recreational businesses including cultivation and recreational sales within city limits.

The city council of Elgin voted early on, in late 2019 when Illinois recreational legalization was getting ready to take effect, to allow recreational marijuana businesses.  The vote passed with a landslide 8 to 1 vote in favor of allowing all types of marijuana businesses including cultivation, craft growers, dispensaries, testing facilities, infusing and processing businesses.  If you are interested in growing your own in Elgin, IL, it’s easy to get started with quality cannabis seeds from Mosca Seeds. 

How to Grow Your Own Cannabis in Elgin, Illinois

Growing your own cannabis is a lot easier than it used to be with quality cannabis seeds and equipment available for anyone to use.  Premium pot seeds are now available that guarantee a feminized flower and autoflowering seeds that do not depend upon the day/night cycle for flowering.  Feminized and autoflowering seeds are a good choice for the novice, home growing beginner.  

If you want to use regular seeds, make sure that you understand how to identify the sex of your plants.  This is not always possible until right before flowering begins, although it is critical to keep your females from being pollinated.  Unpollinated female plants will not produce seeds and will also develop more resinous buds.  Mosca Seeds offers all seed lines to satisfy the up and coming cannabis horticulturist or the more experienced ganga guru.  

If you plan to grow your cannabis plants outdoors, be aware of the seasons and available time for cultivation with northern Illinois weather.  To get the most benefit from growing your own, you’ll want to invest in an indoor hydroponic growing system.  There are various types of hydroponic growing systems and our partners in the Chicagoland area can help you determine the best home growing system for you. 

Mosca Seeds is recognized nationally and internationally for providing the highest in quality cannabis seeds, with several cannabis cup wins under our belt.  We truly want you to enjoy growing as much as we do, offering quality cannabis seeds cultivated from the finest in seed genetics.  Check out our authorized seed banks to start growing your favorite pot strain today, with quality cannabis seeds in Elgin, IL. 


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