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Paterson, NJ Cannabis Seeds

Paterson, New Jersey has a long history dating back to the independence of America and the industrial revolution. Paterson was established in 1792 and can be considered the first industrial city planned in the US, focused around the Great Falls of the Passaic River. Alexander Hamilton, the first Secretary of the Treasury of the U.S., took none other than George Washington with him to view the great waterfalls and consider the possibilities. 

Hamilton was part of the efforts to found the Society for Establishing Useful Manufactures, which helped to harness the energy from the Great Falls and secured economic independence from Britain. Paterson was then founded by the society, named after William Paterson the Governor of New Jersey and signer of the Constitution. The same architect that designed Washington DC designed a Raceway to divert water from the falls and power the first mill built at the site.

With all the history in Paterson, NJ, you could sit back and enjoy some fine cannabis and hear some remarkably interesting tales. With the Great Falls powering an industrial revolution, Paterson manufactured everything from nails, to Colt revolvers and became known as “Silk City” for its dominant role in producing silk during the second half of the 19th century. Paterson is also a truly diverse city and a destination for immigrants from South Asia, India, Bangladesh, Hispanic and Arab descent. With all these cultures you are sure to find a wide variety of amazing food.

The finest cannabis seeds in Paterson, New Jersey come from Mosca Seeds and are sure to give cannabis lovers and medical marijuana patients a boost in appetite to enjoy the many delectable dishes available from a variety of unique restaurants. The Bonfire Mofongo House takes you back to the Caribbean with fish, coconut, and plantains as well as flavors from India, China, and Africa. The Al-Basha restaurant is known as one of the best Middle Eastern restaurants in the Western Hemisphere and caters to a large Arabic population, and Griselda’s features authentic Peruvian food. If steak and potatoes is your thing, Hamilton and Ward steakhouse is a step up for some fantastic dry aged steaks and seafood.

Is Pot Legal in Paterson, NJ?

If you are wondering if pot is legal in Paterson, New Jersey and looking for quality cannabis seeds, you should know that New Jersey recently legalized adult use recreational marijuana with the election in late 2020. New Jersey legalized marijuana for medicinal use in 2010 although neither medical patients nor recreational connoisseurs are allowed to grow their own cannabis at this time.  You can purchase your weed at a local dispensary, although it is always legal to purchase weed seeds online for Paterson, NJ and all 50 states. 

The bill includes a plan to prioritize restorative justice in communities which have been most harmed by the inequitable war on drugs. These high population “impact zones” include Paterson, Newark, Camden, Trenton, Atlantic City and other communities. As required by the bill, 25% of cannabis licenses must be awarded to residents who have lived in these impact zones. Added priority is also given to businesses that employ residents in these impacted communities.

Additional programs in New Jersey’s marijuana legalization bill include support for business development resources, conditional licenses and micro-business loans with focus on minority groups including disabled veterans and women owned businesses.  With recreational weed now legal in the state of New Jersey, many licenses are opening up for cannabis growers to meet the medical marijuana need and the recreational cannabis demand.  When growing cannabis it is worth your time to use the best cannabis seeds available to ensure a healthy plant with bountiful buds.

Mosca Seeds is recognized nationally and internationally for high-quality cannabis seeds cultivated with the finest in cannabis seed genetics. We offer a wide selection of marijuana seeds online in varying strains and seed types like feminized and autoflowering for easy growing, or regular seeds for the ganjapreneur who wants to separate male and female plants.  

Whatever strain you are looking for, indica, sativa or hybrid, Mosca Seeds has the perfect cannabis seeds for you.  Choose Mosca Seeds for premier, cannabis cup winning marijuana seeds you can easily order online.  Check out the Seed Bazaar and see for yourself why Mosca leads the industry in premium cannabis seeds worldwide including pot seeds in Paterson, NJ. 




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