Medical marijuana laws vary from state to state, and one crucial aspect for patients to understand is reciprocity. Reciprocity allows individuals with a valid medical marijuana card from one state to purchase and use their medical cannabis in another state.

It is important to understand that if you rely on medical marijuana in your state, you are not covered by the same legal protection in another state. In states without marijuana legislation, you could be charged with possession and even a felony. Even in states with a medical marijuana program, if there is no reciprocity, you could be unable to obtain medical marijuana in that state and could also still be charged with possession.

Having a medical marijuana card in your state is not always a reliable legal defense. Make sure you plan your trip wisely and learn the laws in any state before you cross state lines with marijuana or expect to buy it in your destination state.


States with Medical Marijuana Reciprocity

Arkansas – Patients are allowed to purchase mmj from an Arkansas dispensary for up to 30 days.

Arizona – Patients are permitted to use their own mmj for a condition matching qualified Arizona conditions but not purchase it.

Iowa – medical marijuana cardholders from other states are allowed to possess medical cannabis in Iowa, provided the products are authorized within their state legislature. Out-of-state cardholders cannot purchase medical cannabis from dispensaries.

Louisiana – MMJ cardholders from other states are allowed to purchase and use medical marijuana with the same legal protections afforded to residents.

Maine – Medical marijuana cardholders from other states can purchase and use medical cannabis in Maine up to 2 ½ ounces every 15 days without the need for certification.

Michigan – The Great Lakes state honors medical marijuana reciprocity to states that also offer reciprocity.

Nevada – All valid out-of-state medical marijuana cardholders can purchase, possess, and use mmj in Nevada.

New Hampshire – Medical cannabis cardholders are recognized in New Hampshire, but they must provide a letter from their physician stating a diagnosis that meets one of New Hampshire’s qualifying health conditions for medical cannabis.

New MexicoRecreational cannabis is legal in New Mexico, and medical cannabis users from out of state can purchase and use cannabis in the state.

New Jersey – Out-of-state medical cardholders enjoy the same legal privileges and protections as medical cardholders in New Jersey for up to six months.

Rhode Island – Out-of-state patients must present their valid medical marijuana card and government-issued photo identification to enjoy mmj reciprocity.

Utah – Patients can legally possess and use their medical marijuana as long as they have a matching qualifying condition as required by the Utah Center for Medical Cannabis.

All of these states have some form of medical marijuana reciprocity, although not all allow patients to purchase in their state. Know the laws before you cross state lines.

States with Medical Marijuana and No Reciprocity

FloridaFlorida has a medical cannabis program for residents and does not recognize reciprocity in the state.

Missouri – There is no reciprocity between Missouri’s medical cannabis canvas program and other states.

Ohio – Ohio does not recognize MMJ cards from other states, thus, similarly, other states do not recognize Ohio medical marijuana cardholders.

Washington – There is no reciprocity clause Inc. with Washington’s medical marijuana program, although cannabis is legal for visitors age 21 and older to purchase from a licensed cannabis retailer.

West Virginia – West Virginia legalized a medical marijuana program in 2017. Out-of-state MMJ cards, however, are not recognized in the state.

Be sure to check the laws in the state you visit and know that, particularly in states where there is no legalization for medical or recreational marijuana, you can face stiff penalties up to and including felonies in some states.

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