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Buying Cannabis Seeds in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh is one of the greatest metropolitan areas of Pennsylvania, besides the largest city of Philadelphia on the East Coast, Pittsburgh gives the west side of Pennsylvania a lot to be proud of. Pittsburgh has more bridges than any city in the world including Venice, Italy making it known as the “City of Bridges”. Pittsburgh was once known for their massive contribution to the steel industry, having supplied the world with steel for landmarks like the Brooklyn Bridge, the Chrysler Building and the Empire State Building.

The Pittsburgh Steelers which is only one of the popular sports teams of this great city, got their name and logo from Pittsburgh Steel. Whether you are a fan of the Steelers, the Pittsburgh Pirates or the Penquins, there is always a good time to sit back and enjoy some fine cannabis while watching your favorite sports team. If you get the munchies after enjoying some premium pot in Pittsburgh, you can make your way to find a Big Mac, which was first invented and sold in this largest city in the region known as Appalachia.

When the steel industry declined in this area in the 1980s, the innovative people of Pittsburgh championed through tough times to transform the Pittsburgh skyline into thoughtfully developed riverfronts focused on education, healthcare, financial services, technology, and robotics. This fine city has embraced a new “green” culture in place of the smoky haze from decades of industrial manufacturing.

The people of Pittsburgh are now more interested in their right to create their own smoky haze from some beautiful green bud. It is always legal to ship cannabis seeds to Pittsburgh, PA and any other American city.

Is Pot Legal in Pittsburgh?

Medical marijuana has been legal in the state of Pennsylvania since 2016 and was recently revised in 2018 to allow medical patients to buy marijuana flower as long as they agree to vape it as smoking is still not allowed. Proponents of legalized adult use cannabis are continually bringing legislation forward in the hopes of legalizing recreational pot for Pennsylvania. With more studies pointing to a majority support for legal recreational marijuana in Pennsylvania, lawmakers including the Governor, Lieut. Gov. and a Senator are starting to show bipartisan support for legalization.

While the people in Pittsburgh wait for full legalization in their state, they can take some comfort in knowing that marijuana was decriminalized in Pittsburgh in 2014. Decriminalization of possession of pot does not make it legal, although there are no criminal penalties there may be civil fines and confiscation of marijuana. As long as someone is in possession of 30 g or less of marijuana they will not face criminal charges but could have a $25 fine. You can learn more about Pennsylvania’s medical marijuana program and know that it is perfectly legal to receive cannabis seeds shipped right to your home in Pittsburgh, PA or any state.

Premium Cannabis Seeds in Pittsburgh

If you are looking for the highest quality of premium cannabis seeds in Pittsburgh, Mosca seeds delivers with a wide selection of your most popular strains. Mosca Seeds is recognized internationally as a master breeder of top quality cannabis seeds, with several cannabis cup awards and in-depth experience in cannabis seed genetics. We offer something for everyone whether you are looking for regular pot seeds, feminized weed seeds online, or auto flowering seeds.

Feminized seeds are nice in that you know each plant is going to produce beautiful bud with no need to weed out the male plants. Auto flowers are great because you know when they will flower and they turn automatically without having to change the light schedule. Both feminized and auto flowers are nice for the beginner, although premium pot seeds from Mosca will meet even the most demanding needs of the experienced ganga grower.

Mosca Seeds is dedicated to keeping your most popular and potent seed strains alive, we are also excited to introduce new strains developed from in-depth knowledge and experience in cannabis seed genetics. We have something for everyone whether you enjoy an uplifting Sativa, a relaxing Indica or a nice hybrid blend. Check out our Seed Bazaar to see why Mosca is your one stop for high quality cannabis seeds in Pittsburgh.

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