How To Grow Cannabis

There are several reasons why you may decide to grow your own cannabis at home, leaving you wondering the best way on how to grow cannabis. Whether you want to grow your own plants outdoors or indoors with a hydroponic system, there are some particularly important considerations to get prepared. The main factor to consider is the time and patience that you have available to care for your plants, along with other important factors including your available space, grow equipment and how to grow safely.

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Growing Cannabis: Costs & Safety

Growing Cannabis: Costs & Safety

In part two of the growing at home series, we introduced the primary considerations for any homegrower as lifestyle, space, costs and safety. In part three, we’re going to cover the concepts of costs and safety. Due to the potential risks involved in operating an...

Best LED Grow Lights

Best LED Grow Lights

LED grow lights are a smart investment into your indoor grow room, they provide vibrant lighting that are healthy for your plants and cost-efficient for your budget. With the many options out there it is easy to wonder what the best LED grow lights are for growing...

Is it ok to cut my cannabis plants back?

Is it ok to cut my cannabis plants back?

Growing cannabis from seed isn’t difficult. But some cannabis growers are a little shy when it comes to trimming a cannabis plant. Cutting back your cannabis plants, or pruning, can help your plants to produce larger buds to maximize your yield and to produce buds...

Why is Phosphorus Important For Cannabis Growing?

Why is Phosphorus Important For Cannabis Growing?

Cultivating cannabis requires a blend of art and science with micro and macro nutrients to grow robust, healthy buds.  The role of phosphorus for cannabis health and productivity cannot be overstated, as phosphorus is a catalyst that supports critical biochemical...

How To Grow Hydro Cannabis Indoors

How To Grow Hydro Cannabis Indoors

Growing with hydroponics is a method of growing plants and herbs in a water-based system to deliver nutrients to the roots without using soil. Plants are supported with other growing mediums such as clay pellets, rockwool, pearlite or peat moss. If you are wondering...

Cannabis Irrigation is a “Drip”

Cannabis Irrigation is a “Drip”

Growing cannabis is not complicated, especially when you have an affinity for the most beautiful plant on earth.  Starting your marijuana garden with quality cannabis seeds, the right equipment, a little direction and TLC will yield the bountiful buds you desire. ...

Consider plants like you do pets making sure they have the care they need and arranging for up someone to watch your plants if you are unavailable. Be sure that you know how to inspect your plants to make sure they are free from cannabis pests and fungal infections. Spotting these infestations early allows you to treat them before irreversible damage occurs. Taking time to watch your plants grow allows you to address important changes in your plant health.

Space, Lighting and Equipment to Grow Cannabis

Make sure you have the right amount of space, quality lighting, and equipment to grow cannabis. If you are growing in the state with a five plant limit, you will need an area with approximately 16 square feet available. Temperature and humidity are critical factors for any grow space and no plant thrives in a dungeon. Make sure that you have proper ventilation and a hygrometer to monitor these important elements. You’ll also want to monitor the pH levels for healthy plants.

When growing indoors you will need grow equipment such as a grow tent and grow lighting that should be a minimum of 1000W, we recommend LED lights. Other equipment includes growing pots in either plastic or fabric, a watering system, trellis netting, clip hangers, grow media and nutrients. When first starting out, the novice grower can benefit from growing in soil prior to tackling hydroponic growing which can be a little more involved.

Starting with quality cannabis seeds is key to growing quality plants. Choosing an auto flowering strain can help you get familiar with the basics before tackling photoperiod plants. You can maximize yield by learning some training techniques, plants are easier to train in the early stages when they are still bendable. Certain training techniques provide the right opportunity to produce significantly more flower and bountiful buds.

How to Grow Cannabis Safely

Learning how to go cannabis safely is just as important as learning about the equipment, tips, and techniques. When growing indoors, make sure that your indoor garden is safe and secure including safe electrical connections and water supplies. Ensure that your garden is not accessible to children or pets and follow your own local and state laws and regulations.

Mosca Seeds offers high-quality cannabis seeds that produce healthy, potent buds in various strains. We are recognized internationally as an award-winning cannabis seed breeder with many cannabis cup winning seed strains. Start with high-quality auto flowering cannabis seeds when learning how to grow cannabis.

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