The use of the cannabis plant dates back thousands of centuries to the earliest memories of mankind. The history of cannabis use is well documented in many publications, although tracing the genetic history of cannabis plants and strains has been a passion for many scientists, botanists, and cannabis genetic enthusiasts. Researchers are analyzing chemical and genetic profiles and certain terpene genes to classify and track cannabis varieties.

What is a Landrace Strain?

The origin of every cannabis strain we know today is said to be traced back to a single variety first discovered in the Hindu Kush region, known today as Afghanistan and Pakistan. The cannabis plant was eventually spread to other areas as people traveled to other places from this Hindu Kush region, making its way to Africa, Russia, South America, North America, and the Caribbean areas. This hearty plant adapted to different climate conditions, with certain qualities and properties changing in the process.

These other varieties are thought to be direct descendants of the original Kush strain and are known as landrace strains, which means the genetics have not been altered for millennia. Landrace strains are indigenous to the regions in the world from which they originated. While many people often refer to marijuana in general as Kush, this is actually a specific landrace strain dating back thousands of years to the Hindu Kush region.

All modern hybrid strains available today are a mixed variety stemming from these original landrace strains, which are rare, although not impossible, to find. Landrace strains possess distinct, consistent attributes that provide a diverse variety of experiences for cannabis connoisseurs. Each landrace strain possesses different properties based on the environment in which it evolved. Landrace Indica strains that evolved to survive barren and hostile mountainous regions will show different properties than landrace strains that evolved in tropical, warm jungle environments.

Name that Landrace Strain

The name of various landrace strains may provide a clue as to the original country of origin. For example, Hindu Kush is the strain every stoner has heard of and originated from the Hindu Kush region, similar to the Afghani strain. Acapulco Gold is another longtime favorite originating from South and Central America, as well as Colombian Gold which originated in the mountains of Columbia, as well as Panama Red, which comes from the same region.

Some landrace strains known to have originated from Asia include Thai, a famous Sativa strain originating from Thailand, and Kilimanjaro, which comes from the mountains of, you guessed it, Tanzania, Kilimanjaro. And let’s not forget Lamb’s Bread, also known as Lambs Breath, one of Bob Marley’s favorite Sativa strains originating in Jamaica.

Are Landrace Strains Different or More Potent?

While landrace strains are a pure breed with DNA that has not been combined with another, they do not possess any unique characteristics for extra potency to provide a better or higher effect. The potency of a landrace strain could be higher or lower than a hybrid strain. Depending on its original genetic makeup, a landrace strain will not necessarily get you higher than a potent hybrid or will not reduce anxiety faster than a high CBD strain.

In fact, modern hybrid strains have been cultivated to produce specific effects, such as medical marijuana that is cultivated with high concentrations of particular cannabinoids. Many hybrids are grown to provide high THC, high CBD, or other cannabinoids which are gaining in popularity, such as CBG and CBN, which show many promising medicinal benefits. Landrace strains are not more potent, they are simply a variety with the properties, characteristics, cannabinoid, and terpene profile closest to the original, wild species.

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