Growing your own weed brings a lot of benefits whether you’re growing your own medicine for an ailment or growing recreationally. You can control the type of cannabis strain, grow methods, and nutrients to get exactly the type of bud you want while saving a lot of money. Growing quality marijuana doesn’t stop when you harvest big colas full of luscious-looking buds. Without proper drying and curing, you can lose an entire harvest to mold.

Why Drying Your Weed is Critical

Commercial growers know how important it is to properly dry and cure bud after harvest and utilize drying and curing equipment. Home growers can get the same effect by practicing tried and true drying and curing techniques that are sure to improve the quality and flavor of your bud. Drying and curing doesn’t just improve your bud, it is a necessary part of the process.

Drying fresh buds is critical to remove moisture which also allows the terpene profile to flourish and tones down the harshness of new buds. Fungi thrive in moist, dark conditions, and drying your weed properly is critical to reducing the chance of mold ruining your stash. Drying your weed can be done by hanging colas upside down by the stem, by using drying racks, and by maintaining the right humidity and air exchange by using a fan. Learn more about drying your weed properly and avoiding common mistakes to be ready for the next stage, curing your weed.

Why Curing Your Weed Correctly is Critical

Drying your weed removes the moisture so that buds can be smoked properly and reduces the risk of mold development. Curing your weed is another critical stage that requires the storage of buds in a closed container to develop the aroma and flavor. Curing should take at least a couple of weeks, although some growers like to cure their weed a little longer.

Curing performs several important functions that increase the shelf life and quality of your end product. Newly harvested buds contain excess starches and sugars that will attract airborne enzymes and bacteria. Curing encourages the natural degradation of these nutrients and creates a much better-tasting, smoother smokeable bud. Curing preserves the most important components of the marijuana flower, retaining potency, flavor, and aroma while ensuring the preservation of important cannabinoids and terpenes.

How to Cure Newly Harvested Cannabis

Make sure your buds are dried properly before moving on to the curing stage. Once they are dry and trimmed, you are ready to start curing your buds. Place them in large, widemouthed glass jars like the Mason jars used for canning. Do not fill them more than ¾ of the way full so that there is room for additional air. Once you fill the jars no more than ¾ of the way full, store them in a cool, dark place like a kitchen cupboard.

Secure the lid tightly, and you will want to open the jars to check on your buds at least once per day for two weeks, maybe even twice a day for the first two days. Inspect each bud for mold every time you open the jars and if you happen to see an infected bud, remove it promptly to prevent it from spreading. By continually checking on your buds, you allow fresh air to hit the flower and pull out excess moisture.

You can start enjoying smokable bud after a couple of weeks, although waiting a little longer is usually better. Some growers prefer to cure their stash for a good 4 to 8 weeks. Be sure to start your grow with quality marijuana seeds to grow quality marijuana plants.

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