Growing with hydroponics is a method of growing plants and herbs in a water-based system to deliver nutrients to the roots without using soil. Plants are supported with other growing mediums such as clay pellets, rockwool, pearlite or peat moss. If you are wondering how to hydro grow cannabis indoors, let’s cover the basic supplies and grow equipment you will need and some general care instructions.

Supplies and Equipment to Grow Hydroponic Cannabis Indoors 

Growing cannabis with hydroponics is a very popular method that provides many advantages such as giving you much more control over the nutrients and oxygen your plants receive.  Hydro growing cannabis is also known to produce higher yields, especially when you learn how to mainline, or manifold your cannabis plants. Hydro growing cannabis is a great way to enjoy cultivating your favorite cannabis seeds into healthy plants with plenty of beautiful buds.

Here are the basic supplies that you will need to get started growing Hydro cannabis:
A growing environment – a grow tent provides the perfect space to grow Hydro cannabis indoors, allowing year-round gardening with convenient, quick, and easy set up.

hydroponic grow lightsGrow lights – using the right lighting is critical when Hydro growing cannabis. High-intensity grow lights are great for providing consistent lighting and higher yields.

Nutrients – you will hear a lot about the three most important nutrients for growing cannabis which are nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, or NPK. It is important to have the right balance of these three nutrients.

During the vegetative state, you’ll want high nitrogen, medium to high phosphorus and high potassium.

During the flowering stage, you’ll want lower Nitrogen with high phosphorous and high potassium. Additional nutrients important to grow Hydro cannabis include boron, calcium, cobalt, copper, magnesium, molybdenum, and zinc.

DWC Tank – the reservoir is the main difference in using a deepwater culture hydroponic growing system versus growing your plants and soil. With the TWC tank your plants are suspended above the reservoir with the roots immersed in the water and nutrient solution.

Quality cannabis seeds – Once you’ve got your tent, your tank, lights and nutrients, starting with quality cannabis seeds is a must. Mosca Seeds offers the finest in quality cannabis seeds, with a wide selection of your favorite cannabis cup winners and new drops all the time.  Choose from autoflowering or feminized for hassle free growing and mix it up with some good indica or a tantalizing sativa blend.

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How to Care for Your Hydro Cannabis Indoors

With everything in place and quality cannabis seeds ready to go, it’s time to start hydro growing. One of the most important things to do when hydroponic growing is to clean and sterilize your equipment.

Sterilize Your Hydro Tank and Equipment

The dark and damp nature of water reservoirs make them an ideal environment for a host of pathogens to start growing. Make sure you sterilize your equipment and wipe down all trays, pipes, buckets and tanks with the solution of hot water, rubbing alcohol and/ or hydrogen peroxide.

Once your system is sterilized you can start to set it up. You will need to continually drain and clean your growing tanks and trays about every two to three weeks. This will help to keep your cannabis plants safe and prevent pathogens and diseases from invading your plant root system.

Always Monitor the pH

You should continually test the pH balance of the water to ensure an optimal environment for growing healthy cannabis. The pH balance of 5.8 to 6.0 is ideal, you can use a pH pen to take regular ph readings. The pH balance closer 6 is preferred during the flowering stage.

Monitor the Water Temperature

Maintaining your water temperature close to 68-72 °F is ideal for Hydro growing cannabis. You can use a water thermometer with a heater set to come on if the temperature gets too low.

You can have great success growing marijuana in a hydroponic system, and you can do it all year long. When you need the best cannabis seeds for your home grow hydroponic system, Mosca Seeds is your one-stop for high quality cannabis seeds in a variety of award-winning strains.

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