Cannabis connoisseurs are used to a wide array of catchy names and phrases to describe the various strains of marijuana available. For the most part, the name of a cannabis strain is for marketing purposes and may or may not convey the aroma, taste, or effects that the particular strain may provide.

Cannabis Strain Names Don’t Always Reveal the Feel

Granted, some names reveal a bit about the cannabis strain you are purchasing or smoking, such as Mosca’s Raspberry Boogie, with a hint of raspberry or Epic Lemons with a lemon scent aroma and a cerebral, heady high.  In general, however, the name of a strain is not a big reveal on how it will make you feel. Many marijuana strains are proprietary, and the genetics are protected by the seed breeders and plant creators.

While you might find a strain that sounds appealing with a desirable flavor, you should always be able to get more information on whether the strain is Indica or Sativa dominant as well as further insight into the significant effects of that particular strain.  When buying pot seeds online, you have even more options in choosing seeds that are either regular, feminized or autoflowering as well as additional information such as time from plant to harvest.


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While every strain of cannabis can have a slightly different taste and aroma, once we know what we like we tend to stick to that type or variety. So why is it that we can purchase the same strain of marijuana and feel different effects over time? You might be cruising right along thinking you found your favorite strain and then all of a sudden you get a different type of high. Maybe you often feel relaxed and all of a sudden you feel a paranoia from the same strain, or something that normally gives you a jumpstart, creative high all of a sudden has you stuck on the couch.cannabis cultivated from seeds

I’m Smoking the Same Pot, Why Doesn’t It Do What It Used To?

There are many reasons why the same strain of marijuana can produce a different high. Some of the most common factors that affect a different high from the same type of pot include our age, tolerance to THC, and other factors like diet, exercise, stress levels or injuries.

Physiological Effects of Cannabis Can Change As We Age 

While most of us do not have the opportunity to ring up Cheech and Chong and ask them if, how or why their high changed over time, it is quite common for the same cannabis strain to affect us differently as we age. Many cannabis users and medical cannabis patients can begin to experience different feelings such as increased anxiety or full-blown panic attacks that they did not experience before. On the flipside, some users find that they no longer feel the paranoia marijuana use to bring on, and now they can relax and enjoy the buzz.

Cannabis can affect everyone a little differently for a host of reasons, and then once we think we found the perfect fit, it can change. This can happen for a number of reasons such as an increased tolerance, or other physiological or external factors. The only thing you can really do is take charge and experiment with different strains until you once again find the perfect fit for you.

Increased Tolerance to THC cannabis cultivated from seeds

One of the biggest reasons that cannabis affects us differently over time is that we develop an increased tolerance to THC, the main cannabinoid that causes the psychoactive effect of feeling high. An increased tolerance causes less intense effects, as a result of cannabinoid receptors reacting to too much THC over time. This can cause the receptors to withdraw and basically hide from the THC introduced in the bloodstream. This may also lead to increased anxiety as an increased tolerance can prevent our endocannabinoid system to work like it used to and maintain the right balance.

External Factors Can Affect Our High 

In addition to age and increased tolerance, factors like our diet, exercise, stress levels and any physical injuries, particularly brain injuries, can alter the way that our endocannabinoid system processes cannabis compounds. Even the way we anticipate feeling can alter the way we actually feel. This means that our expectations or intentions for using cannabis can directly impact the results. If we are paranoid about feeling paranoid, you might end up feeling paranoid just because you talked yourself into it, not because of physiological effects.

When this happens to you, the best thing to do is to not overdo it on the THC and start to experiment with a lower dose or a strain with a higher CBD percentage. Always make sure you are using fresh, quality cannabis from a reputable source.

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