For many cannabis enthusiasts, there’s nothing quite like the ritual of rolling a joint. It’s a skill, an art form, and for some, a preferred method of relaxation. Whether you’re new to cannabis or an experienced smoker looking to refine your technique, mastering the old school art of rolling the perfect joint can elevate your smoking experience.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you roll the perfect joint, every time.

Gather Your Supplies

You really don’t need much other than some premium flower and a rolling paper, although incorporating a few other gadgets and techniques can elevate your smoking experience.

Here’s a list of the rolling supplies to gather before you sit down to twist one up:

  • Cannabis flower – Depending on how fat you want your joint to be, a typical good sized joint is at least about a half gram. You can add or subtract to get a fatty or a pinner.
  • Grinder – Breaking up your weed is important to roll a perfect joint, and a grinder does a great job in no time.
  • Rolling papers – Choose thin, high-quality papers to ensure an even burn. If you’re rolling old-school, you’re just using a flat paper, not the premade cones popular today. There are a lot of choices for rolling papers, choose one you’re comfortable with and that you can handle. Really long papers can make it difficult to roll a good joint without using a rolling machine.
  • Filter or Crutch – Often made from thin cardboard or business cards, these are not mandatory but help keep the shape of the joint and prevent any plant matter from entering your mouth.
  • Poker – : Anything small and pointy, like a pen or a small stick, can help to pack the joint. Most old school rollers don’t use this, but if you’re packing a cone you need a poker for sure.


    Steps to Roll a Joint

    Follow these steps to roll the perfect joint:

    1. Grind your weed – using a grinder couldn’t be easier, just take your bud and break pieces of it off to put on the top layer of ‘teeth’ in the grinder, put the lid on and twist it back and forth. With no effort at all you’ve got some perfectly broken up weed. Don’t overdo it, or you can pulverize your flower to powder, which is a pain to roll and won’t give you the perfect burn. Just a couple of turns should do the trick.

      Check the very bottom of your grinder every so often for the accumulation of keif, the fine powdery byproduct of grinding that can be as potent as 70% THC. Sprinkle that on your rolling paper if you have enough, just make sure you’re not busy for a while.

    2. If you don’t have a grinder, just be sure to break up your weed with your fingers or little scissors, and remove any stem pieces that can poke a hole in your joint.

    3. Create the filter – While optional, a filter (or crutch) can make your smoking experience more pleasant by preventing bits of cannabis from getting into your mouth. Roll a small piece of thin cardboard into a cylinder small enough to fit the width of your rolling paper.
    4. Fill your paper – Place your rolling paper on a flat surface with the adhesive strip facing up and toward you. Sprinkle the ground cannabis evenly along the paper. If you’re using a filter, place it at one end of the paper. It can help to make a crease in the paper to hold the flower.
    5. Shape the Joint – Begin shaping the joint by using your thumbs and forefingers to roll the cannabis back and forth. This helps distribute the cannabis evenly and begins to form the shape of the joint. Focus on getting a uniform density along the joint to avoid runs and uneven burning.
    6. Roll It Up – Once your cannabis is evenly distributed, tuck the unglued side of the paper around the cannabis and the filter, and start rolling upwards. Lick the glued edge slightly and roll it around the cannabis to seal the joint. Be sure not to slobber on the paper; a light moistening is all that’s needed.
    7. Pack the Joint – Use your poker to gently pack the cannabis down from the top of the joint. This step is crucial for ensuring an even burn. After packing, you may twist the excess paper at the tip to keep everything in place.
    8. Light and Enjoy – Now comes the best part—lighting up your perfectly rolled joint! Rotate the joint slowly as you light it to ensure an even burn, and then enjoy the fruits of your labor.

    Tips for the Perfect Roll

    • Practice: Like any skill, rolling the perfect joint comes with practice. Don’t get discouraged if your first few attempts are less than perfect.
    • Choose the Right Paper: Thinner papers tend to burn more evenly and impart less paper taste to your smoke.
    • Even Distribution: When placing your ground cannabis in the paper, make sure it’s evenly distributed to avoid lumpy joints and uneven burns.

    Rolling a joint is a quintessential skill for any cannabis smoker. It’s not just about smoking; it’s about the experience, the tradition, and the satisfaction of enjoying something you made yourself. So grab your supplies, find a comfy spot, and take your time mastering this classic craft. Using good bud is obviously important, you don’t want it too sticky or it’s harder to stay lit and if it’s too dry it will burn up too fast and probably not taste as good. Nicely cured, sparkly bud that breaks up easily, but not too easily, is perfect for rolling a nice joint.

    It can be rewarding to roll a nice joint, and even more rewarding to grow your own quality bud. Start with high-quality cannabis seeds from Mosca Seeds and follow best growing practices to enjoy smoking weed as much as rolling it.