Also known as a filter or tip, a crutch is a small piece of rigid paper serving as a mouthpiece for a joint. When properly utilized, a crutch acts as a barrier, preventing burnt plant matter from reaching your lips, mouth, and going into your lungs by creating a buffer between the burning part of the joint.

For many, the art of joint rolling is a serious endeavor, transforming the preparation of cannabis into a form of creative expression. Crafting your own joint crutch, also known as a filter or tip, is a personalized venture that allows for various methods and shapes, ranging from the conventional tip to intricate designs, but is most often rolled into a spiral or folded like an accordion.

While numerous online tutorials guide enthusiasts on rolling the perfect joint, incorporating a crutch adds a valuable dimension to the smoking experience. Beyond hygiene and efficiency, using a crutch provides several advantages. One notable benefit is enhanced airflow, contributing to a better-burning joint and an overall more enjoyable smoking experience. A crutch not only elevates the aesthetic and smokability, but also plays a role in optimizing the burn, ultimately enhancing the ritual of preparing and savoring your cannabis.