Cannabis is available in a variety of forms, and edibles are quite popular for many good reasons. No longer do you have to smoke a joint to get high or experience pain relief or any other sought-after effect from marijuana. With edibles, you can eat, drink, and be merry with many forms of sweet Mary Jane.

Many Types of Cannabis Edibles

Edibles have come a long way since pot brownies, and today you can find a whole kitchen cabinet full of cannabis edibles to choose from, such as gummies (one of the most popular types of edibles), chocolates, rice Krispie treats, candies, mints, tinctures, capsules, cookies, drinks and powdered drink mixes, honey, and cannabutter which allows you to bake any sweet sinsemilla treat.

Why Knowing How to Dose Edibles is Important

Edibles have opened new doors for many people that want to consume cannabis but prefer not to smoke it or for those that enjoy the convenience of popping an edible in their mouth discreetly without advertising the smell that comes from smoking.

Some of the biggest questions people have when starting to enjoy edibles are how much should I take? What is a safe amount? What amount is comparable to smoking a joint or a hit from a bong or a pipe?


The effects of edibles hit users differently than smoking, and the same dose will affect people differently. It is important to know how to dose edibles, as they definitely provide a convenient high in a variety of forms and flavors, but they can also cause adverse effects for those with little to no tolerance and even for the experienced smoker. Learn more about how edibles hit differently than smoking and some of the risks to look out for.

With a little experimenting and some good starting information, it should be simple to determine what kind of edibles you like the best and how to achieve your ideal dose. You should also know that different types of edibles contain different forms of cannabis, such as traditional gummies vs. drink powders made with an emulsification process. Emulsification allows for cannabis-infused edibles that hit you quicker, almost like smoking, instead of waiting for the traditional gummy to go through your entire digestive system before feeling the full effects.

How to Take Edibles

While edibles hit people differently, there are some basic guidelines you can go by as you get started. Some rules of thumb are to:

  • Start low and go slow – Edibles take a while to feel the full effect. Have patience and avoid taking too much at once.
  • Do not take a second dose – do not indulge in a second dose before you give the first one ample time to kick in, which could be up to three hours.
  • Take edibles with food – you might have a better experience dosing edibles with some food in your stomach. You don’t want to take edibles on an empty stomach because it could upset your stomach, and food items with good fats can help to distribute THC and other cannabinoids more evenly.
  • Stay hydrated – marijuana is famous for causing cottonmouth because it impacts salivary glands, and although it does not dehydrate you, it can help to drink some water while digesting edibles.
  • Do not mix with alcohol – alcohol does dehydrate you and can exaggerate the effects of edibles which could cause adverse effects.
  • Choose hybrid edibles with CBD – CBD can help to balance out the high from THC and can somewhat ease anxiety to amplify the best effects of edibles.

How to Dose Edibles

Edibles come in many forms with many different strengths available. It is important to know exactly how many milligrams of THC you are getting with each edible so that you are aware of what works well for you and especially to avoid taking too much at once.
The following information outlines the typical effects felt by most users when taking edibles, but remember it is important to determine the best dose for you.

  • 1 to 2.5 mg THC (Microdosing)
    • Ideal for: first-time and novice users with little to no tolerance
    • Effects: mild relief for symptoms of anxiety, stress, and pain. Can increase focus and creativity without feeling psychoactive effects
  • 3 to 5 mg THC (Low dose)
    • Ideal for: standard recreational consumers seeking relief from symptoms or a good night’s rest.
    • Effects: a little more intense than microdosing effects, with mild feelings of euphoria and slight intoxication with greater relief from pain and anxiety. May impair perception and coordination.
  • 10 to 15 mg THC (Moderate)
    • Ideal for: both medicinal and recreational users with a higher THC tolerance. Novice users may feel adverse effects. Many Gummies and candies come with a standard dose of 10 mg.
    • Effects: increased intoxication and feelings of euphoria with decreased coordination.
  • 20 to 30 mg THC (High)
    • Ideal for: this is considered a high dose ideal for consumers with a significant tolerance to THC or medical patients with decreased GI absorption.
    • Effects: produces very strong effects of intense intoxication, euphoria, and decreased coordination. Adverse effects coding include increased anxiety if users are not accustomed to this level of THC consumption.
  • 50 to 100 mg THC (Very high)
    • Ideal for: high tolerance, experienced THC consumers or patients with inflammatory disorders and/or cancer.
    • Effects: intense intoxication, can increase heart rate and cause unpleasant, adverse and risky effects for users not accustomed to this level of THC.
  • 100 to 500 mg THC (Extremely high)
    • Ideal for: high tolerance, experienced users with a very high tolerance to THC, including patients with inflammatory disorders, cancer, or conditions that require high doses.
    • Effects: intense levels of intoxication, impaired coordination and perception. Likely to produce adverse side effects such as increased heart rate, anxiety, and nausea.

Edibles are a great way to enjoy cannabis without smoking as long as you are familiar with the dose that works best for you and don’t overdo it. Find your ideal dose, whether you enjoy microdosing or tripping, without causing adverse effects to your mind and body.

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