Tsi Fly: Tsi Fly is known as “Psi Fly” in Europe. Tsi Fly is the result of combining a Chimera C4 female with a Cinderella 99 male, and then backcrossing one generation. This genetic combination gives rise to a bushy plant that is very branchy. Very high yields of tight elongated buds that form HUGE colas.  Tsi Fly stretches 50% in flowering so it is best to “open” the plant up to allow light to the interior of the plant. The average plant height ends at 2.5-3.5 feet. Tsi Fly is very easy to grow and clone and produces buds with apricot flavours.  Tsi Fly’s best characteristics come through when used in concentrates.

Lineage: C4 x Cinderella 99

Sativa vs. Indica: 60% Indica/ 40% Sativa

THC: Not Tested

Flower Time: 65 days

Yield: +2 lbs/1K HPS

Flavor:  Delicious Apricot flavors


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