Depression affects over 264 million people in the world, and in the United States if affects 1 in 10 people. There are many varying degrees of this complicated mental health condition. For some people, it means a slight sense of melancholy in their day to day lives. For others, it can be much more severe. Some people, unfortunately, battle with feelings of utter hopelessness and thoughts of suicide. Regardless of where on the depression spectrum a person falls, antidepressants have been the go-to remedy by doctors and psychiatrists to help deal with this condition and alleviate the symptoms that are associated with it.

While those prescription drugs can be effective, they don’t come without extra added costs. Many users of prescription anti-depressants experience both mental and physical side effects while on the medication, and withdrawal symptoms if they discontinue its use. Patients who have lived a life of prescription antidepressants know that they would never be the same without those meds, and after some time the doses would have to increase due to tolerance building by the body. This “remedy” hardly seems to be that at all since it offers one solution while at the same time creates another problem.


Cannabis as a depression fighter

The University of Southern California conducted marijuana and depression research using a survey targeting both marijuana users and people who do not use marijuana. The survey, which used “The Center for Epidemiologic Studies” Depression Scale,showed interesting results. Out of the 4,400 people surveyed, the ones who used marijuana showed fewer signs of depression than those who did not.

And in fact some states are allowing those with this condition to qualify for a medical marijuana card. This means you can get the cannabis medications you need under the supervision of a qualified physician.

If you’re a cannabis breeder who is always sifting through the best cannabis seeds you can find, or a recreational smoker who enjoys to light up once in a while, you know all about the great feeling marijuana provides us. Breeders who know their craft know which cannabis seeds to grow for their product to induce a longer-lasting state of euphoria.

In contrast, other cannabis seeds produce marijuana plants that help you to relax and feel more at peace. All of these things are in contrast to the negative symptoms of depression. There is however a problem that some people face when smoking, and that is a heightened sense of anxiety or paranoia. Simply put, like most drugs, marijuana may not affect two people the same way. And for that reason, this doesn’t make cannabis the best option as a treatment since it won’t be guaranteed to help everyone with this condition.

It’s also important to note that some strains contain more THC while others contain more CBD. Therefore, the question should be asked, which of the individual components of cannabis act as the best remedy for depression, rather than cannabis as a whole. There isn’t a ton of research available to help us come to a concrete conclusion, however, there have been some studies done and show that both THC and CBD do have positive effects on depression with CBD being the better of the two. This is because CBD directly impacts serotonin levels, a mood regulator in the brain.

The Negative Side of Cannabis and Depression

Like all drugs, overuse can have negative consequences and cannabis is not excluded from this general rule. However, there is still much research to be done and so far cannabis molecules such as THC and CBD promising signs of being good candidates to treat depression.