If you are just trying your hand at growing marijuana for the first time, you may be wondering what type of cannabis seeds are best for your first grow.  Every grower has to start somewhere, and even if you don’t know the first thing about growing now, you can be successful with some effort and time.

Considerations When Starting Your First Grow

When first deciding to grow your own cannabis, you will need to choose the right seeds but you also want to put some thought into how much you are willing to spend, what type of grow media you prefer such as an indoor hydroponic setup or an outdoor cannabis garden. If growing outdoors, you will of course need to evaluate the climate and weather patterns in your area.

Once you know the grow method you prefer, you can decide on the type of cannabis seeds that you want to start with.  Consider the type of high you are looking for, whether an indica or sativa dominant strain is what you prefer and the concentration of THC and CBD that you are interested in.

Quality Cannabis Seeds Key to Quality Cannabis Plants

No matter what type of cannabis seeds you decide to start with, choosing quality genetics is key to growing quality plants.  Start with quality seeds from a reputable seed breeder like Mosca Seeds and give your plants the TLC they deserve, and you should experience success. Starting with a strain that is hardy and a bit more forgiving is a good choice for beginners and should make for an easier first cultivation. Some seed strains can fend for themselves a little better than others and do not require as much fuss about exact nutrient levels or light schedules.

For your first crop, keep it simple and start with a type of cannabis seed that is easier to grow like a feminized or autoflowering type.

Feminized Seeds for Your First Grow

Feminized seeds are great for beginners because you don’t have to worry about sexing your plants and removing the males.  We all know that the female plants are superior when it comes to cannabis, the only plant that produces the bud we all know and love. Why bother with males when you don’t have to?  Males have their place with experienced breeders, but when you just want to make sure you produce good, quality bud, feminized seeds are all you need.growing feminized cannabis plants

Mosca Seeds offers a nice selection of feminized seeds for your first grow such as:

Epic Lemons  – this zesty fine lady grows with strong branches that are perfect to support the hefty buds she produces. Enjoy a heady cerebral high with this indica dominant strain and a nice lemon scent.  Expect a medium to large yield and only 60 days to flowering time.

Waves –  this feminized flower has a mix of berries, floral, gas, and sweet candy with an indica dominant high.  Enjoy Waves in 60 to 68 days with a medium to large yield.

Remember, play it safe your first go-around and grow with feminized seeds for a sure thing.

Autoflowering Seeds for Your First Grow

Autoflowering seeds are great for beginners because they will switch to the flowering stage regardless of light schedule. This takes the uncertainty of when your plants will change out of the equation, and you can rely on a quick growth cycle.  Mosca Seeds offers quality autoflowers that are certain to flourish making them ideal for beginners.  When starting out with your first home grow, try these autoflowers out for quick turnaround and quality bud: growing autoflowering cannabis plants

Frosted Watermelon – enjoy a nice 3-foot tall plant with a combination of kiwi, pine, gas and melon.  The indica strain has a flowering time of 75 days and should give you a nice medium sized yield.

Pina Colada – this sativa dominant strain is sure to please with a nice coconut, pineapple and melon scent and excellent trichome coverage.  Enjoy a large yield from this autoflower in about 75 to 80 days.

Autoflowers are a great choice for beginners as you will not have to worry about altering the light at the right time or catching the change of seasons right for maximum yield.  Remember, quality seeds are key to quality plants and there is no substitute for premium genetics.

Mosca Seeds offers these quality seeds for beginners and a wide selection of feminized and autoflowers to suit your needs.  We wish you nothing but success on your first home grow and hope to make it easier and highly successful with quality cannabis seeds.  Check out the Seed Bazaar for more feminized and autoflower cannabis seeds perfect for first time home growers.