During the COVID-19 crisis, many people are being told to stay at home. This order has prompted people to stock up on essentials to sustain themselves while the virus invades our world. As a result of this order, people are stockpiling essential supplies; there has also been a surge in people stocking up on cannabis.

Cannabis is Declared an Essential Item

Medical and recreational cannabis is legal in many states. Since the COVID-19 crisis began, there has been a surge in demand for the plant and its medicine. Many law officials recognize the importance of marijuana and it has been deemed “essential” in many states, allowing delivery or even curbside service for people to obtain their supply. The challenge with this is just like all other essentials; the demand is more significant than the quantities available.

Stay At Home Order Inspires Grow At Home Trend3

Grow at Home Trend Inspired by Depleted Cannabis Supplies

Due to the lack of product, those relying on marijuana for either recreational or medical purposes are being inspired to begin growing their own medicine at home.  An increase in people searching for quality seeds to grow their own garden is dramatically up from previous years as the sales for seeds and gardening supplies has skyrocketed. When people see an essential supply start to become scarce, they look for ways to become more self-sufficient.

The grow at home trend can accomplish another benefit to growers outside of supplying their own cannabis. During these uncertain times, we all look for ways to pass the time or take our minds off the crisis. Planting and working with seeds and soil is a relaxing activity that is said to ease a person’s anxiety levels. Fortunately, there exist tons of resources online to provide amateur growers information, like Leafy’s growing tips .You can read about installation requirements (space, lighting, etc.), fertilization tips and other methods for growing your own “hippie cabbage”.

The COVID-19 crisis has all of us looking at our lifestyles differently. It is teaching us how to look to the future to ensure our needs are met. Growing your own cannabis is one step to take to make sure you have an adequate supply of nature’s medicine. A reliable source for seeds is Mosca Seeds. At Mosca Seeds you will find over 30 strains of high-quality marijuana seeds that originate from the finest cannabis genetics in the world.