Many variables come into play when deciding the best time to switch your cannabis plants to a flowering stage.  There is a big difference in the height that plants achieve when growing indoors vs. outdoors, the strain of plant whether indica or sativa also plays a role, and whether you are training your plants at all with bending or topping affects the growth pattern.

It is difficult to answer that question without knowing the variables of your grow setup, but here are some of the most common scenarios with the general rule of thumb (or green thumb in this case). We recommend indoor grows flow their plants at 15-18 inches tall.  You should assume the plants will at least double in size within the first two weeks of flowering.

When to flower depends on your grow space and grow lighting: When growing indoors, you need to be sure that you induce flowering so that your plants will not get too tall to hit your lights and burn.

Cannabis strain affects final plant height: Cannabis plants will generally double in height after switching to a 12-12 light schedule to induce flowering, although some sativa dominant strains can even triple in height after starting the flowering stage. Some indica strains may not grow much taller if training to grow bushier.

Less restrictions affect plants grown outdoors: Pure sativa strains can reach heights of 20 feet without grow tent restrictions and with the full outdoor sun. When growing indoors with a 7’ max grow tent, you will want to induce flowering before your plants get taller than 24” or so, and if growing a sativa strain indoors, you can even flower at 6-12”.

When to flower depends on many variables and most growers learn as they go, although knowing that your plants will generally double in height after flowering can help you to not let them get so tall that they burn when growing indoors.

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