Mosca Seeds has once again been featured in Cannabis Business Times, Breeder’s Brief, with exciting information on how to cultivate the wildly popular Cherry White.  Cannabis Business Times is recognized nationally for providing actionable and timely information related to all cannabis business aspects such as legislation, industry trends and compliance issues as well as specific cultivation and growing tips. 

Mosca Seeds: How to Grow Cherry White

Cherry White is an indica dominant cannabis plant that can be trained early for a bushy shape or allowed to grow quite large with a longer vegetative state.  While topping is still an excellent way to train your marijuana plants, we recommend to just bend the main stem instead of topping which puts less stress on the plant while allowing secondary branches to grow additional bud sites.

Cherry White will provide a high output when grown properly with a yield expected of about 56 to 64 grams per square foot, or 600 to 800 grams per square meter.  The flowering time should be 60 to 65 days following the initial flowering photoperiod with development of resin starting early in the flowering state. Resin development starts around the third week and continues until culminating at approximately 55 to 60 days.

Ideal Temperatures and Lighting for Growing Cherry White

The ideal cultivation environment is with temperatures ranging from 75° to 80° F during the early vegetative stage, and a little warmer between 81° to 85° during most of the flowering stage. You’ll want to reduce this down to 75° during the last two weeks of flowering to sync with the reduction of light intensity. Humidity levels should be maintained at around 55 to 60% during the vegetative growth period and reduced to 50 to 55% during the flowering period.

Cherry White cannabis will grow quite well with either LED or HPS lighting and also under high intensity lighting.  Always follow equipment manufacturer guidelines when designing your layout.

Cherry White Nutrient Needs

The best watering system is a method of even delivery with a timed irrigation system, multiple times per day at 1 to 2 minutes each time as Cherry White can withstand frequent watering. This beautiful strain responds well to normal nutrient levels during both vegetative and flowering stages as Cherry White is not a fussy consumer of nutrients. It is highly recommended to provide mycorrhizae, micro, and trace nutrients. This strain of cannabis seeds from Mosca Seeds also displays above average resistance to pests and mold.

For cannabis lovers everywhere, Cherry White can reach THC levels of 26% to 29% when grown to its full potential, providing a calm and relaxing state of being. You will enjoy the beautiful colorings and the cherry incense aroma with mild pine undertones.

Mosca Seeds is recognized worldwide as a high quality cannabis seed breeder with many cannabis cup awards.  We offer a wide selection of your favorite strains and regularly introduce newly developed, exciting strains for your pure enjoyment.  Check out the article in Cannabis Business Times for more information, and order your Cherry White cannabis seeds from Mosca Seeds today. Visit Seed Bazaar to order all of our cannabis seeds.