Oklahoma has made some very important changes in marijuana laws in recent years, which allows for medicinal users to buy marijuana seeds and harvest them in their own home. Recreational users will have a much harder time with this as marijuana is not legal for recreational use at this point in time. Medicinal users should take note of some very important information to avoid any legal risks that may be associated with growing marijuana plants in their homes. OMMA has a detailed list in the Medical Marijuana Control Program.

Knowing the Process and Quantities

Since you need to be a medical user to buy marijuana seeds and grow your plants, you will need to register as a patient. This process involves speaking to your doctor to get a recommendation, and then, you will need to register with the state (information available on the OMMA page). Once registered, a patient can then proceed to buy marijuana seeds and begin the growing process in their home.

Only patients, their designated caregiver, and authorized cannabis researches, who are registered with the OMMA and who hold a valid registry identification card, can legally possess medical cannabis. They are able to possess up to:

3 ounces (85 grams) of usable cannabis;

Up to 1 ounce (28.35 grams) of cannabis concentrates; and

72 ounces (2.04 kilograms) of edible products in public/8 oz (227 g) at home

For more details on Oklahoma Marijuana Laws click here. Overall these quantities are fair and ample enough for a medical marijuana patient to stock up and enjoy the amazing benefits this plant provides. Medicinal owners are required to own the property they grow in. Furthermore, their plants cannot be visible to anyone outside, so keep them out of sight from passing pedestrians and cars. Finally, make sure that if you are growing medicinally, you do not exceed 6 mature flowering plants and 6 immature pre-flowering plants.

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Covid-19 and Medical Marijuana Sales

In Oklahoma cannabis sales continue to climb during the pandemic. Dispensaries in Oklahoma City remitted almost $9.8 million in state taxes during April 2020, surpassing the previous record of $7.8 million set in March and setting the highest month-to-month increase since the summer of 2019.  An analysis of tax collections shows Oklahomans spent about $61.4 million on medical marijuana last month, or nearly $217 per licensed patient.

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