Mosca Seeds is pleased to announce the addition of North Atlantic Seed Co. to our list of authorized seed banks, giving growers even more choice in sourcing high-quality seeds from reputable companies with top-notch customer service.

North Atlantic Seed Co.: Excellent Reviews / Great Service 

No matter where you look or who you talk to, North Atlantic Seed Co. is well respected in the growing community. This woman-owned business is located in central Maine, with owners and a staff dedicated to their passion for excellent genetics. As you can tell from their staff lineup, this is a company that likes to have fun but takes their work very seriously.  We share in their passion for treating all employees with respect as a happy workplace provides better, happier and more satisfied customer service.

North Atlantic Seed Co. is known for carefully selecting cannabis seed breeders who they feel offer the highest potential for creating strains that provide maximum customer satisfaction with potency, yield, vigor, and consumer appeal. We are pleased to be partnering with North Atlantic Seed Co. and hope that you truly enjoy your experience with this quality seed bank.

Mosca Seeds: Quality Cannabis Genetics 

Mosca Negra, aka Mosca Seeds, is recognized internationally as an award winning seed breeder producing only high quality cannabis seeds. Mosca is recognized particularly for protecting and preserving favorite strains and for creating some of the industry’s best known strains such as Legend OGK, Pink Lemonaid, Raspberry Boogie, Blueberry Gelato and more.

With more than 15 years of experience producing the highest quality strains and receiving many cannabis cup awards in Amsterdam, California and Europe, Mosca Seeds is respected around the world.

Check out our many offerings in a wide variety of Indicas, Sativas and hybrid blends in regular seeds, autoflowers or feminized.

-Seeds Sold For Novelty Purposes Only-