mosca breederMosca Seeds is thrilled to share our cultivar tips for growing Raspberry Boogie, our most popular indica-dominate cannabis seed strain for commercial and recreational growing, in the latest edition of Cannabis Business Times, Breeder’s Brief. Cannabis Business Times is a national business magazine respected for their mission to accelerate the success of legal cannabis cultivators.  They are known for providing timely, actionable information related to all aspects of the cannabis business including legislation, compliance and industry trends, business and marketing advice as well as growing and cultivation tips.

Mosca Seeds is recognized worldwide as an award winning breeder producing only high quality cannabis seeds originating from the finest in cannabis genetics.  We have preserved and protected growers favorite strains and offer a wide selection of seed strains for every marijuana lover and grower to enjoy.  Our award-winning Raspberry Boogie is a long-time growers favorite, offering a bushy, filled out plant with branches full of beautiful buds.

Raspberry Boogie Cultivar Details

raspberry boogieRaspberry Boogie will soon be available in feminized seeds, dropping in the spring of 2021. Here are some tips for growing the beautiful, purple indica strain for maximum yield. The average yield of Raspberry Boogie is more than 1 gram per watt indoors but will also perform well outdoors. Expect a quick flowering time of about 58 days, allowing outdoor growth in northern climates finishing around the end of September.

The plant physiology is a short, bushy classic indica reaching 36 to 48 inches in height and width.  The branches of this productive plant are filled the entire length with beautiful flowers in pink, purple, magenta and green hues.

This beautiful plant will flourish under LED up to temperatures of 82°F, and under HID lighting with a maximum recommended temperature of 78°F to preserve the aroma.  Raspberry Boogie produces a high yield of buds that require even, frequent watering of about one to two liters per day if using coco medium, with the relative humidity at less than 55% to prevent mildewing and mold.

Raspberry Boogie thrives with the proper nutrients, particularly calcium/magnesium and silica. Shoot for a 1.5 to 2.0 EC level when flowering.  This distinctive aroma of raspberry and citrus bud has a high THC profile ranging between 25% to 30%.

Mosca Seeds offers a wide selection of feminized, auto-flowering and regular seeds, with something for everyone. Whether you just started growing your own medical garden or have been a long-time cannabis lover, we have the seeds for you to enjoy growing your own marijuana with the flavor and profile you desire.

Start with high-quality cannabis seeds and follow Mosca Breeder tips for marijuana growing success whether an experienced cultivator or a beginning grower. Check back to follow our New Drops and be watching for the feminized line of Raspberry Boogie, coming in the spring of 2021!  Browse our seeds and get started on your garden today, we ship high-quality cannabis seeds to all states.