If only cannabis would last forever, we could buy large amounts, use what we want, and store the rest to last without losing quality. Cannabis is a plant, however, and even when dried and cured properly, it will not last forever. Storing cannabis properly is mandatory if you want your stash to last with quality.

Can you freeze it? Should you vacuum-seal it? Should you use baggies, plastic, or glass? It is important to know the best method of storing your cannabis to always have quality product on hand.

What Happens to Cannabis Not Properly Stored

Improperly storing your cannabis will degrade the quality and properties it provides. You want to make sure your flower has the least air inclusion as possible to reduce the risk of degradation. You also want to avoid too much moisture, or you could end up with moldy buds. That will ruin it for sure and may cause health issues if smoked.

Storing your cannabis in a perfectly balanced environment will keep your buds fluffy and aromatic and maintain potency. Properly stored cannabis should maintain its fullness and color and have the same sparkle. Healthy cannabis buds are typically green with beautiful orange hairs and oftentimes have other colors like purples, reds, or pinks.

Cannabis that has turned brown, is dried out, and crumbly was probably not stored correctly or was not dried and cured properly. If you see brown patches on otherwise healthy-looking cannabis, it could be a sign of mold.

The Best Way to Store Your Cannabis

The most important things to remember to store your cannabis properly is to keep it cool, in an airtight container in a clean and dark place, and away from moisture.

  • Maintain a cool temperature – store your cannabis in a cool place where the temperature is 70°F or below to protect cannabinoids and terpenes. If the temperature is too high, terpenes can evaporate. You want to avoid storing cannabis near a heater, and you also want to avoid freezing temperatures, which can cause delicate terpenes to burst and lose potency.
  • Avoid light – it’s important to store cannabis in a dark place not exposed to any UV light, which will degrade cannabinoids and can also cause some to synthesize into other cannabinoids that do not produce intoxicating effects. Never leave cannabis in direct sunlight, and it’s best to store it in a cool, dark place, like inside a drawer or a closet.
  • Avoid Moisture – you definitely need to avoid exposure to moisture by maintaining proper humidity levels, which should be kept between 55 and 65% relative humidity (RH). It is recommended not to store cannabis in the refrigerator for this reason, as the temperature fluctuations and humidity increase the chances of growing mold.
  • Avoid exposure to air – avoiding exposure to air protects your cannabis as oxygen can cause evaporation of terpenes and oxidation of cannabinoids.
  • Clean containers – make sure your containers are clean to avoid exposure to any bacteria or mold spores.

    The Best Containers for Storing Cannabis

    The best cannabis storage containers for long-term protection are definitely airtight glass containers. You want to avoid plastic and metal for any long-term storage as they will start to affect the flavor and aroma. Plastic containers typically have a static charge that can cause trichomes to fall off and adhere to the sides of the container. Glass is nonporous, and airtight glass jars, like mason jars, are common and acceptable storage containers for long-term storage of quality cannabis.
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