If you’re wanting to give your cannabis loving friend the perfect gift for the holidays, we have some suggestions that are sure to be a hit. With the expanding market of cannabis legalization budding across the country, you no longer have to find a local head shop for unique marijuana-themed gifts.

Consider these suggestions for gifts any stoner is sure to love:

    1. Stash Boxes- Every true stoner loves a good stash box. Here are a few suggestions you can find on Amazon without even leaving the couch:
    2. Recipes –Who doesn’t love a good recipe book? If you find yourself making cookies at midnight, you might be interested in becoming a Cannabutter master. Consider something like The Art of Weed Butter: A Step-by-Step Guide to Becoming a Cannabutter Master, and for less than $20, your friend can learn to make the basic foundation for a number of tantalizing treats they are sure to share (win-win).Check out this simple Cannabutter Recipe and learn more about what it means to decarboxylate your weed and how to dose your butter. If this sounds interesting, becoming a Cannabutter Master should sound pretty amazing.

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    1. The Perfect Stoner Subscription Box
      Give the gift that keeps on giving with a SensiBox, a hand-curated unique gift box with quality essentials every cannabis lover would appreciate. Packed full with artist-designed ceramic pipes, papers, lighters, and fun things for your creative cannabis lover. The best part? You can support a women-owned company because we all love potent females.
    2. Care Package without a Subscription
      For a care package without a subscription, you can give happiness in a kit with the original Happy Kit, one convenient kit with a handy grinder, pipe, papers, and vape, all in a waterproof, shockproof, smell-proof kit. You won’t leave your buds behind with this perfect gift for any toker.
    3. Make Your Own Cannabis Care Package
      There are some things that every cannabis lover can never have enough of, like rolling trays, grinders, ashtrays, papers, and lighters. Throw in a unique smoking piece like a cool bong or a dab rig if that’s what they’re into, and you’ve created a unique, custom gift. You can find all of those items at Hemper Stoner Gifts, the perfect shop for herb aficionados.

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  1. Quality Cannabis Seeds
    You can’t go wrong with quality cannabis seeds for your cannabis-growing buddy. Buy from a reputable breeder like Mosca Seeds and enjoy a wide variety of seed types and strains. If your friend is new to growing, consider autoflowers or definitely feminized for starters. You can learn more about growing cannabis and always start with high-quality pot seeds.

Mosca Seeds specializes in best growing practices and high-quality cannabis seed genetics. Mosca is recognized internationally for offering quality weed seeds online with many cannabis cup wins, favorite seed strains, and exciting new drops. Check out the Seed Bank for the best weed seeds online, and remember, any time of year is perfect for giving cannabis gifts.