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Sabinene is a terpene found in cannabis and other botanical sources such as Holm oak trees, the Norway spruce, carrot seeds, cardamom, and black pepper, known for its distinctive citrus and peppery aroma. Sabinene is known as a monoterpene, although it is present in small amounts in cannabis, but is shown to possess antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory benefits. Sabinene boasts an aroma and flavor profile characterized by citrus notes, a piney undertone, and spiciness. It is found more frequently in forest trees like oaks and spruces and in plants such as cloves, juniper, and nutmeg.

When sabinene is present in higher concentrations, it contributes to the sensory profile of citrusy, woody, and even minty strains. Beyond its aromatic qualities, sabinene has demonstrated antioxidant properties and has been found in the essential oils of juniper, where it exhibits antimicrobial potential.