A chillum is a straightforward, yet classic and simple smoking device used for cannabis consumption. Essentially, it’s a small, hollow tube with two ends: one forms the bowl for placing the cannabis, and the other serves as the mouthpiece. Unlike more modern pipes and bowls, chillums do not feature a carburetor (carb), the small hole that allows for airflow control during a hit, making them unique in their smoking dynamics.

Despite some similarities with one-hitters, such as their basic structure aimed at straightforward smoking sessions, chillums distinguish themselves in a few key aspects. They are generally cone-shaped, with a design that supports a larger bowl capacity tapering towards the mouthpiece. This shape not only accommodates more product but also fits snugly in water pipes for those who prefer water-filtered hits. One-hitters, on the other hand, are often designed with discretion in mind, mimicking the appearance of a cigarette with a uniform tube shape and smaller capacity, commonly paired with a dugout for storage and transport.

Chillums offer a more traditional experience and can vary significantly in size, from compact and portable to larger, more ceremonial pieces. Their simplicity does not detract from their effectiveness; many users appreciate the direct, unfiltered connection to the herb that chillums provide. Originating from a time and culture where smoking was as much about ritual as it was about recreation, chillums have found a place in the modern cannabis scene among those seeking a pure and unadulterated smoking experience.

Beyond their functional use, the term “chillum” can also refer to the part of a hookah that holds the smoking substance, be it tobacco, cannabis, or others, highlighting its versatile role in various smoking traditions.