As marijuana laws evolve across the country with more states approving medical and recreational cannabis use, you may be wondering what the laws are in your state. Among the 34 states that have legalized either medical cannabis use, or medical and recreational use, only 18 states including Washington, D.C. allow some form of home growing marijuana.

States that Do Not Allow Any Form of Medical or Recreational Marijuana

Let’s first list the states that do not allow medical or recreational marijuana, thus no home-growing whatsoever:

  1. Alabama
  2. Georgia
  3. Idaho
  4. Wyoming
  5. Kansas
  6. Kentucky
  7. Indiana
  8. Mississippi
  9. Nebraska
  10. North Carolina
  11. South Carolina
  12. South Dakota
  13. Tennessee
  14. Texas
  15. Virginia
  16. Wisconsin

Cannabis lovers in these states will have to wait to grow their own gorgeous green garden. With the wave of legalization occurring across the country, we can only hope that our friends in these states will soon be able to enjoy growing their own cannabis before long.

States with Medical Cannabis but No Home Growing Allowed 

Many states that do allow medical cannabis do not allow for medical patients to grow their own marijuana. These residents can legally purchase marijuana from approved medical dispensaries. The following states approve medical cannabis but do not allow any home growing:

  1. Arkansas
  2. Connecticut
  3. Delaware
  4. Florida
  5. Iowa
  6. Louisiana
  7. Maryland
  8. Minnesota
  9. New Hampshire
  10. New Jersey
  11. New York
  12. North Dakota
  13. Ohio
  14. Pennsylvania
  15. Utah
  16. West Virginia

States that Allow Cannabis Home Growing

While many states do allow some legal use of marijuana, each state has different rules regarding medical or recreational growing of cannabis. Some states allow home growing for medical patients only, even if recreational weed is legal in the state.Other states that allow both medical and recreational allow home growing for any purpose.Here is a breakdown of the states that do allow some form of marijuana, medical and/or recreational use and the laws regarding home growing your own marijuana:

Alaska – Medical and Recreational Allowed 

Alaskans 21 and over are allowed to grow up to 6 cannabis plants for medical or adult recreational use, although must remember that only 3 plants are allowed to be mature at one time. If more than one adult reside together, the maximum number of plants allowed to grow on the property is 12, with no more than 6 matured.

Arizona – Medical Growing Only

Home growing is allowed for medical patients that happen to reside more than 25 miles away from their closed dispensary, with a limit of up to 12 plants that must be in a protected area.

California – Medical and Recreational Growing Allowed 

Adults 21 and over may grow up to 6 plants for personal use, while medical cannabis patients have no state maximum and are allowed to grow whatever they need within a 100 sq-foot area. Local jurisdictions may set their home cultivation restrictions.

Colorado – Medical and Recreational Growing Allowed

Citizens of Colorado are allowed to grow up to 6 cannabis plants for medical or recreational use, with no more than 3 mature at one time.  Medical patients may petition for a larger amount due to a debilitating condition.  Caregivers are allowed to cultivate up to 36 plants to treat a maximum of 5 patients.

Hawaii  – Medical Growing Only

In the Aloha state, medical cannabis patients and caregivers may cultivate up to 10 plants but must register with the state as a cultivator.  Hawaii also allows medical reciprocity with out-of-state medical cannabis cardholders.

Illinois – Medical Growing OnlyÂ

In the state of Illinois, medical cannabis patients are allowed to grow up to 5 plants at one time.

Maine – Medical and Recreational Growing Allowed

Maine allows adults 21 and older to grow up to 6 plants and 12 immature plants, with medical and recreational cultivation allowed to grow the same amount.

Massachusetts – Medical and Recreational Growing Allowed

Adults 21 and over can grow up to 6 plants, with a cap of 12 plants for homes with 2 or more adults.

Michigan – Medical and Recreational Growing Allowed

Residents of the Great Lakes State 21 and over can grow up to 12 plants at home.  Registered caregivers can grow up to 60 plants maximum if treating the limit of five patients.

Missouri – Medical Growing Only

Medical cannabis patients in the Show Me state can grow up to 6 cannabis plants at home in a secure, enclosed space.

Montana – Medical Growing Only

Medical cannabis patients in the state of Montana can grow up to four cannabis plants or 12 seedlings at one time.  If two adult, medical marijuana patients look at the same residence, they are allowed to grow up to eight plants and eight seedlings. Home growing must be recorded to the Montana Department of Public Health.

Nevada – Medical and Recreational Growing Allowed, with Exceptions 

In Nevada, both medical and recreational growing are allowed with exceptions.  For medical cannabis patients in Nevada, they can grow their own only if a dispensary is more than 25 miles anyway, they are unable to travel to a dispensary, the strain they need is not provided at the dispensary, or if they were already home growing prior to July 1, 2013.

Adult recreational growing is allowed for adults to live 25 miles or more from a licensed dispensary with up to six plants per person or 12 per household. All growing must occur in a secure, enclosed space and landlords or property owners can prohibit growing on the site. 

New Mexico – Medical Home Growing Only

Medical marijuana patients in New Mexico and caregivers are allowed to grow up to 16 plants with only 4 allowed to be mature.

Oklahoma – Medical Home Growing Only

In Oklahoma, medical cannabis patients are allowed to home grow up to 6 mature plants and 6 seedlings.

Oregon – Medical and Recreational Growing Allowed

Oregon residents 21 and over can grow up to 4 plants for personal use, caregivers may grow up to 8 plants with 6 allowed to be mature at one time.

Rhode Island – Medical Growing

Medical cannabis patients in Rhode Island are allowed to grow up to 12 plants and 12 seedlings at home in an indoor setting only.

Vermont – Medical and Recreational Growing Allowed

Residence in Vermont can grow up to 9 cannabis plants with only 2 allowed to be mature at one time.

Washington State – Medical Growing Only

Medical marijuana patients in Washington can grow up to 6 plants at home, although this can be increased to 15 with a doctor recommendation.

 Washington, D.C. – Recreational Growing Only

Adults 21 years or older living in Washington D.C. may grow up to 6 plants for personal, recreational use with 3 mature and 3 seedlings. Medical home cultivation is not permitted in the nation’s capital.

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